Abducted (Lizzy Gardner #1)

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At some point in our lives we all have to learn to deal with the cards we’ve been dealt.

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Elizabeth Ann Gardner—Private Investigator.

For Lizzy, letting go of the past and moving forward was like waking up each day and trying to learn to walk all over again.

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Her eyes narrowed. “Then why did you leave me?” Her words cut deeply. “Because I knew if I stayed, if I kept coming around, you would spend so much time worrying about me that you wouldn’t stand half a chance at getting better. You never put yourself first, Lizzy. You never did, you never will. But you should. That’s why you’ve struggled with the demons inside you for so long. You always put everybody else first. You’ve taken full responsibility for your mother and father’s divorce, your sister’s problems, and your father’s inability to cope. Now you’re trying to figure out how to balance the rest of the world on your shoulders.” “Ridiculous.

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He stood out like Gerard Butler in a gay bar, or any bar for that matter.

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it’s kind of nice if all the bad can somehow make the good that much better.

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Nothing that has happened is your fault,” he said, obviously sensing her distress. “You know that, don’t you?” “Logically, yes. Emotionally, no.

Not one person in that gym tonight had any idea of what Lizzy Gardner had been through. Hayley didn’t know all the details either, but she knew a troubled soul when she met one.

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We’re going to find him, Lizzy.” She leaned into him, her cheek resting against his shoulder. “Don’t make any promises you can’t keep.” He had become an agent because he wanted to protect those he loved. But until this moment, he hadn’t realized that wanting to protect someone you loved and doing it were two different things.