Beautiful Burn (The Maddox Brothers #4)

Ellie?” he said. Just the reflection of his ice-blue irises seared through me. “Do you know what’s coming?” “Goodbye?” I said, only half-joking. Jubal smiled, concentrating again on the road. “Maybe not.

Goodbye, Ellie Edson. It’s been fun.” “Fun Ellie is dead. All that’s left is broke-and-alone Ellie,” I teased. Tyler stopped. “She’s not dead. Just transitioning. Like a butterfly.” “That’s deep, Maddox.” “I’ve been deeper,” he said with a smirk,

He was the kind of beautiful you couldn’t buy, with his golden-brown eyes and square, scruffy chin—a symphony of perfection only flawless genes could compose.

Holding my camera, freezing, and a mile from flames that could burn me alive, I’d finally found what I didn’t know I was looking for.

I could have been leading him to his death, but I could tell Tyler Maddox was afraid of nothing.

I'd never seen him before, but he looked a lot like my next mistake.

I leaned over, barely touching my cheek to his arm. Without hesitation, Tyler reached around my shoulders and hugged me against his side. I stiffened at first, but then relaxed, feeling the warmth of his body thaw my frozen bones.

I love you no matter what, but you need to wake up, Ellie.”
My eyebrows pulled together as I stared at the wall. “I can’t wake up. This isn’t a dream.

I’m a firefighter, Ellie. I do the saving in this relationship.

It took a while for Tyler to respond.

I didn’t send you flowers.
I can’t decide if I feel like a dick or if I want to kill whoever sent them.
You didn’t send the flowers?
No. There’s no card?
I wanna know who sent them.
Me, too.
Not for the same reason.
…which is?
I’m having violent thoughts. All I can say.
I have a bad temper in general. Sending my gf flowers is not a good idea.
…I am not your gf.
Yet. You’re not my gf yet.

It took a while for Tyler to respond.
<…which is?
<…I am not your gf.

It would never work, Ellie.” “Why?” “Because we’re friends, and I want to continue to be friends.” “You just told me to kill myself.” He chuckled. “I didn’t mean it.

I’ve loved every version of you there’s ever been. I’ll love whoever comes back.” My

Love made people hate in a way they never would have before.

No, but you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in the morning sun.

Tener todo y no sentir nada era el peor tipo de egoísmo.

To have everything and feel nothing was the worst kind of selfishness.

Tyler breathed out a laugh, and I turned to see him staring at me the way I looked at the fire. He didn’t look away; instead, one side of his mouth curled up. Even through the sweat and ash, his dimple appeared. In that moment, Tyler Maddox and his fires filled a hole in my soul I hadn’t known existed.

Tyler took the beer out of my hand. "You were black-out drunk last night, and you're drinking again. I thought you were going to quit? Do I need to quit with you?"
"I've just lost my sister. Not the best time to stop drinking."
"There will never be a good time if you have to drink every time you're upset. Shit happens. You have to learn to deal with it without alcohol. I love you no matter what, but you need to wake up, Ellie.

When a Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever...

When a Maddox boy falls in love, he loves forever…

You don’t scare me,” Tyler said, leaning in. “Stop being so damn stubborn. I’m good for you.”
- “What if I’m bad for you?

You’re going the right direction. No one does anything perfectly the first time. It’s going to be okay.” No one could have said anything better to me in that instant. Those three simple sentences set my soul at ease.