Blood and Chocolate

A female on the loose was a dangerous creature.

A pentagram is burning
in your eyes
and soft, pale twists of wolfbane
squeeze your heart.
A grinding pain
is writhing in your thighs
the crunch of bones
proclaims the changes start.

Gabriel pulled her over his body to lie on the bed beside him. His kisses pressed her down into the oblivion of the mattress as her hands explored his chest, his shoulders, his face.

"I want to lay my kill at your feet," he said, more growl than words, and held her tight by her hair as he marked her neck with his teeth.

She writhed against him. She wanted to bite him, she wanted to rip the flesh from his back, but most terrible of all, she didn't want him to stop. Her back arched, her body shattered, she howled.

He was raw and sharp and rich and throbbing with life. He was sweet blood after a long hunt. How could she have mistaken Aiden's kisses for this? They had been delicious and smooth like the brief comfort of chocolate, but they had never been enough.

I'd like to give you my heart, but since that might be inconvenient, I've brought you someone else's.

I had the taste of blood and chocolate in my mouth, one as hated as the other.

In his wolf-skin he was as strong as any of them, but he was a gentle person in many ways. He'd feel so bad about failing he'd probably step aside for someone else without a fight.

I want to lay my kill at your feet.

I will howl for you, human boy (...). I will hunt you in my girl skin but I'll
celebrate as wolf.

Jamás te hubiese hecho daño, no podría te quiero"

"No puedes obligarle a amarte si ha elegido a otra. Debes dejarle ir. No debes confundir el deseo de dominar y proteger con el amor"

"Quise ser lo q no soy y ahora no consigo ser lo que debería. Soy un monstruo"

"Se quien soy, como se atreve a decir que no lo sé. Me encanta ser licantropa. Adoro la dulce transformacion y la belleza que me da en medio de la noche. Cuando salgo a cazar, cazo animales salvajes,según las leyes de la diosa. No mato animales domésticos solo para divertirme"

"Según la historia de los humanos estamos malditos"

"Soy una loup garou, una volkodlak una metamórfica. No me convierto exactamente en una loba sino en algo parecido"

"Cuando un lider muere por el diente de un lobo, el vencedor liderea la manada. Cuando un lider muere por el diente del destino, se convoca la Ordalía, porque solo puede liderear lo más ágiles y fuertes"

"Ya no hay tierras salvajes donde escondernos. No podemos correr en manadas por las montañas donde los viajeros desaparecen durante meses, no hay selvas negras que lleve días sin recorrer y hace muchos siglos desde que reinábamos en pequeños reinos en el centro oscuro de Europa donde nos veneraban como dioses. Hay homo sapiens por todas partes, son más numerosos que nosotros, y el homo lupus debe convivir con ellos"

"Aunque no puedan transformarse, son la bestia de sus propias pesadillas. Es una bendicion para nosotros poder exorcizar estos demonios. A veces es nuestra maldicion"

"Que dice la leyenda? El hombre lobo puede morir por la bala de plata que dispara quien le ha amado..."

"Cuando amamos a alguien queremos que sea nuestra pareja en forma humana y de lobo

The Amoeba?" she asked Aiden.
"The gang," he said, tossing his hand to indicate all around. "My
people. A large amorphous mass that keeps on changing size, hasn't
much apparent use, sometimes makes you sick, and occasionally breaks
off into smaller parts that act exactly like the parent.

The Law is supposed to keep us safe and strong and able to birth healthy children, yet the Law wants us to tear each other apart to find a leader. The Law's a bunch of hypocrisy.

They can't change (...). But I
do believe they have a beast within. In some it's buried so deep they'll never feel it; in
others it stirs, and if a person can't give it a safe voice it warps and rots and breaks out in
evil ways. They may not be able to change, but they still can be the beast of their own
nightmares. It's our blessing that we can exorcise those demons. Sometimes it's our curse.

Three cheers for Sheriff Wilson.

- Bucky Dideron

Vivian, I'd like to give you my heart, but since that might be inconvenient I've brought you someone else's."

"Rafe you jerk, this is a sheep's heart.

We all have the right to be different, don't we?

We can take it slow,” he said. “You can learn to be with me. Find out what I’m all about. You never know, you might like what you find.

We can take it slow," he said. "You can learn to be with me. Find out what I'm all about. You never know, you might like what you find."
"Don't hold your breath," she said.
He stepped toward her casually, amusement flickering around his lips. She tensed, her eyes checking for a way to run.
"Or..." His hand lashed out, grabbed her, and whipped her into his arms, where he held her tight. "We can take it fast and rough.

what red lips you have," he said in her ear. Did she dare say it? "All the better to kiss you with, my dear," she replied. And then their lips met.

Why me?" she asked, holding on to him.

"Because you cared," he whispered. "You cared so much for your people, it broke your heart to see the pack in ruins. You cared so much for your mother, you risked your life for hers. You cared enough to save someone who wanted you dead. And because you walk like a queen.