Boost Your Self Esteem

By Stephen Richards; Published In 2011
Genres: Self Help
Acknowledgement is possession. When you acknowledge, think or have conviction in something, it actually will come true.

A failure is always in the passenger seat in his or her life.

A good self-esteem level is mostly dependant on how we value ourselves without any bias.

A person today who seems to have a great sense of self-esteem has his or her childhood days to thank for it.

Each person has got a voice inside them. Communicate with it and take hold of it. Do not let it push and shove you around – you are its master!

Failing to make it to the list of the best 5 students in class or not being named the team captain should not make anyone feel like they have failed.

Feeling indifferent or reserved about doing something is a signal that it is probably not correct after all.

For us to regard others as worthy, we have to begin by regarding ourselves as worthy.

How we relate with other people is dependent on how we rate ourselves and what we think about ourselves.

If someone does not consider those around them to be valuable and hold only themselves in high regard, they too have a very bad self-esteem.

If we can acquire an attitude of self-belief, then we will surely determine our future actions and our future life opportunities.

Our own self-esteem is something we can actually twist in whatever way we want.

Putting someone down with name calling reveals your own low self-esteem.

Putting yourself first means you will never be last!

The first place where self-esteem begins its journey is within us.

We are exactly what our history made us to be.

Whatever you lay your hands on, self-esteem is visible.

What we perceive about ourselves is greatly a reflection of how we will end up living our lives.