Carry the One

Because of her hospital schedule, she was either not around at all, or sleeping, or around a lot.

But they were not friends. They were here to keep each other from spinning off alone into the dark matter of the universe.

I want you to know I haven't put this behind me. That night sits inside me as if it were yesterday. Time passing doesn't touch it.

...religions all have the same timeline...First the people feel the need to worship something. The sun or the giant corn of ear. That's the first thing. Then the guys say okay, now that we've got the giant corn thing going, how can we use it to oppress women?

Romance no longer looked like so much fun, more like a repetitive stress injury…

She had probably been too intense, always trying to shake sense into whomever, then bewildered when, instead of revising their beliefs or being galvanized into action, they simply chose to be friends with someone else.

She knew that when somebody told you these sorts of things, they were pebbles cast into the pool and you ought to look carefully at the ripples of implication.

She looked around the table and saw each of them as they looked that night...All of them in their last hours of making mistakes with small prices.

She pitied everyone who didn't have a sister.

She pitied everyone who didn’t have a sister.

She shared the curse of many artists—that praise beaded up and rolled off her while criticism stuck like glue, glue embedded with ground glass.

She tried to stare hard past all this, down the road to the patch where this would end badly. But the view was obscured by hope and distance, and by the mist that always lies over the new.

She was in firm solidarity with the oppressed and downtrodden.

Sober, he had to keep busy and purposeful, always moving. If he stopped, he immediately heard the sandstorm inside himself, and it terrified him.

They were ants saying, "Hey can we help you hold up this huge building that's toppling onto you?

This was how he saw himself: balancing on the event horizon, trying not to get sucked into the black hole, trying to hang on to the light.

This was Maude's legacy; she left Alice with her heart weakened, its chambers bruised. She was no longer up to the enthusiasm required by love.

Whatever element causes romance to flare was simply not present in the air between them. This was a huge relief to Alice. Romance no longer looked like so much fun, more like a repetitive stress injury...

You are a speck. This whole life that seems so huge to us? asall of human enterprise even? Fuck us. We are so tiny," as he said "so tiny" he bent over until his forehead was nearly touching the tabletop, as if he was homing in on the speck that was them. "I can't stand to think we only add up to a blip. I need to think we're more than that." "Deal with it." he looked around as if someone had called his name.