Club Dead (Sookie Stackhouse #3)

Alcide: "It's on my right butt cheek. It's shaped like a rabbit."
Sookie: "I love bunnies!

And by golly, love sure was a battlefield. Benatar was right about that.

Apparently, once you got used to regular and spectacular sex, your body had a mind of its own (so to speak) when it was deprived of that recreation; to say nothing of missing the hugging and cuddling part.

Better to be screwed physically than financially.

Bill said, "She is mine."

I wondered if my hands would move. They would. I raised both of them, making an unmistakable one-fingered gesture. Eric laughed, and Bill said "Sookie!" in shocked admonishment.

"I think that Sookie is telling us she belongs to herself," Eric said softly.

Eric was holding my hands, and I was digging my nails into him like we were doing something else. He won't mind, I though, as I realized I'd drawn blood. And sure enough, he didn't. "Let go," he advised me, and I loosened my grip on his hands. "No, not of me," he said smiling. "You can hold on to me as long as you want.

Finally, I drew in a long breath. It was noisy and painful and just heaven.

How grateful are you?" he whispered, his mouth hovering over mine. His eyes were very alert now, and his gaze was boring into mine.

"That kind of ruins it, when you say something like that," I said, trying to keep my voice gentle. "You shouldn't want me to have sex with you just because I owe you."

"I don't really care why you have sex with me, as long as you do it," he said, equally gently.

I don't like having feelings," Eric said coldly, and he left.
That was a tough exit line to top.

I have always been very fond of you." He'd always wanted to have sex with me. "Plus, I want to fuck you.

It was time to pull my moral socks up and behave myself.

Let go," he advised me, and I loosened my grip on his hands. "No, not of me," he said, smiling. "You can hold on to me as long as you want. Let go of the pain, Sookie. Let go. You need to drift away."
It was the first time I had relinquished my will to someone else. As I looked at him, it became easy, and I retreated from the suffering and uncertainty of this strange place.

Men sometimes have to leave their ladies alone, and ladies are not responsible for the bad manners of fools.

My eyes flew open, and I pushed back against rock-hard shoulders. I let out a little squeak of horror.

"It's me," said a familiar voice.

..."Eric, what are you doing here?"


Okay," I said. "I'd hoped to avoid this, but... Bill, I rescind your invitation into my house." Bill began walking backward to the door, a helpless look on his face, and my brush still in his hand. Eric grinned at him triumphantly.
"Eric," I said, and his smile faded. "I rescind your invitation into my house." And backward he went, out my door and off my porch. The door slammed shut behind (or maybe in front of?) them.

She killed Lorena in a fight?" Eric's grin grew even broader. He was as proud as if he'd heard his firstborn reciting Shakespeare.

Sometimes, instead of going down the road less taken, you just charge down the beaten path.

Sometimes the bitch wins.

The sweetest part of being a couple is sharing your life with someone else.
But my life, evidently, had not been good enough to share.

The sweetest part of being a couple was sharing your life with someone else.

They found the corpse in the closet of Alcide's apartment, and they hatched a plan to hide his remains." Eric sounded like that had been kind of cute of us.

"My Sookie hid a corpse?"

"I don't think you can be too sure about that possessive pronoun."

"Where did you learn that term, Northman?"

"I took 'English as a Second Language' at a community college in the seventies.

They say there's no harm in daydreaming, but there is.

What I think I'll do is I'll do my best to yank Debbie out of me by the roots. And then I'll turn up on your doorstep, one day when you least expect it, and I'll hope by then you will have given up on your vampire.

When you've been really beaten, you realize that you are just an envelope of skin, an easily penetrated envelope that holds together a lot of fluids and some rigid structures, which in their turn can simply be broken and invaded.

You are speaking of my future lover. Be more respectful.

You can hold on to me for as long as you want. Let go of the pain, Sookie".
- Eric, Club dead.

You might have been paid back enough to suit you" I said, "but I don't know if you've been paid back enough to suit me.

You never told me all this before," I said, by way of explanation. "You all have divided
up America into kingdoms, is that right?

You take I-55 south, and you'll run into I-20. Or you could take..."

I was about to be overloaded with information. "Oh that sounds just perfect. Let me do just that, or I'll lose track."

Sure, glad I could help."

Oh, you surely did."

We beamed at each other, just two nice women. I had to fight an impulse to say "I have a tortured vampire in my trunk," out of sheer giddiness.