Crane (The Legends Saga #1)

Actually,” Rip interjected, cautiously stepping out onto the stoop. “It’s Dutch for Rainbow; a name that breeds fear in the hearts of no one. Maybe shorten it to Regen? That’s slightly better.

Brom ground his teeth together, glaring down at Rip as if he were a bug that needed to be squashed under foot. "I would not ask a woman for her opinion any more than I would ask which of my steer would like to be this weekend's roast."
"Clearly, his new age thinking is what drew Katrina to him," Rip muttered out of the corner of his mouth.

-"Death walks, and talks, and occasionally whisks you in a gruesome waltz." -

Dinner, as friends. Where I don't expect you to pay or hold doors and you don't expect make-up or sex."
"I'll be rude, and you'll be purposely homely. It'll be magical," Noah laughed.

Eleanora's toothless mouth worked furiously, grinding her lips over gums, as she glared Irv's way. "I do not like him," She muttered to Rosa out of the corner of her frown. "He is cheeky."

"Hear that?" Rip grinned, making no attempts to hide his visible amusement at Irv's expense. "You are cheeky.

I brought you a fern!” Ireland glanced up from the file folders that covered her desk and smiled at the new arrival beaming from the doorway. “That’s a lesser known form of greeting, however, in this particular office, completely acceptable.

I fear I must warn you, if that ladle finds it's way to her lips, we will be revisited by my lunch," Ichabod stated without the slightest hint of a jest. "And mine will provide it company," Rip seconded.

If his wife hadn’t let her ass grow to the size of a sofa, Vic wouldn’t have to cheat.

In no way can a motion picture measure up to the mastery of storytelling in the book! No matter how ‘dreamy’ Mr. Depp might be!

Irv pivoted their way, his posture ramrod straight and nostrils flaring. "I may have suggested that putting up a lookout post, and manning it with glorified vigilantes, may not be the preferable option to the current situation facing the town. And that our resources may be better utilized employing more bodies to patrol the streets as legally hired, paid law enforcement."

"I take it the message was not well-received?" Ichabod said, biting the insides of his cheeks to stifle a laugh.

A wad of pumpkin innards fell from Irving's hair, slapped against the tip of his nose, and landed on the polished floor with a wet squish. "Not as well as one would hope. I am going to retire for the night to scraoe and bathe this off. Good night."

"Night!" Ichabod and Katrina chorused, letting their amusement spring forth in a chorus of giggles.

I’ve heard the stories, read the book, and even seen the Johnny Depp movie,” Ireland answered with a tight-lipped smile.

Just when I think you can’t get any creeper, you astounded me by reaching a whole new plateau. What did you do to yourself? You’re twitching like a meth head.” “Went into the kitchen. Consumed any products that claimed to boost energy. Ate a bowl of those disgusting brown rinds.” “Rinds? That’s coffee, dumbass. You’re supposed to brew it.” Rip rambled on as if she hadn’t spoken, which—judging by his herky-jerky gestures—he might not have been aware she had. “Then I drank your last three of those products involving some sort of red bovine, followed by half a dozen vials that claim to bestow energy for an allotted period of time. Every part of me tingles. Quite honestly, I think I could fly if the moment required it.

Ma’am, we’ve met your mother,” Rip claimed, from his well-chosen spot at the rear of the pack. “If she becomes agitated there’s a good chance we will all run screaming from the room.

Noah cocked his head to consider her. “Do I look like a killer?” Slow and deliberate, she let her gaze wander over him before giving a noncommittal shrug. “Hard to say. Although, I think asking that is how they begin and end meetings of The Secret Psycho Killer Society.

reality is often a cruel bitch that prides herself on the pain within the details.

Regen, on the other hand, saw everything. Each leaf that fluttered to the ground. Every stick that cracked beneath his hooves. His head twitched at a flash of black,

Rosa gave her mother a comforting pat of the shoulder before addressing the group, her face folded in apology. "Ever since she was struck ill, it has been easier for her to speak if she rhymes. You should hear us composing our list for the market. Quite and entertaining event.

She is a sick woman," Mama Rosa argued, standing firm to deny him passage. "In addition to her Horseman ramblings, she also strokes her shoe like a cat, and calls it Madame Persephone. Do you think that will be of help as well?

Staring into the deep onyx pools of his wide eyes, she let her hands wander over the contours and valleys of his face. “Regenboog,” she read off the engraved silver plate on the side of his bridle. “Is that your name?

Thanks to you, I now know what twerking is, and I deeply long for my OWN time when a flash of ankle was considered lewd.

The La Brea Tar Pits of asshole-ism." Noah pressed his lips into a thin line and gave a mock sympathetic nod. "They claim many each year.

Wha dah heck? Rip! I can'h feel mah face! Wha's happein?"
"I... I don't know!" His entire body tensed, his limbs rigid as he struggled with the decision to help her or run screaming from the house. The cup slipped from Ireland's fingers and crashed to the floor, water exploding everywhere. "Oh, Gawd!" I fink ih's happenin'! I'm urning inwho dah howseman!" With frantic hands, Ireland slapped at her face and head. "I can'h feel mah head! Run, Rip! Run!

Which brings us to the fun question; what exactly are you on? Uppers? Downers? Viagra?

You, sir,” Irv interrupted, his satchel thumping to the ground at his feet, “are just bothered you were not the first to find acceptable employ. Mostly because, as the women that keep company with you can attest, the only services you provide pay in salves and a burning sensation over the chamber pot.” Rip’s brow rose in mock shock. “How lewd a claim! Lewd … with the faintest hint of accuracy.