Crystal Cove (Friday Harbor #4)

Because one day of something wonderful is better than a forever of nothing special.

do not come to me tonight '' he said eventually,''or you end up in my bed , and I'll screw you to the stone age and back. That clear for you?

Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.

[...] I always wondered how love could translate into an emergency room visit.

I learned that a sense of privacy doesn't have to depend on walls and doors. At least not external ones. Two people could sit in a room and read or work separately without ever breaking the silence. It's an ability to put up walls in your mind, so no one can get through.

It’s a risk I’m willing to take. This happens once in a lifetime. You meet someone and have this crazy reaction … you touch her skin and it’s the best skin you’ve ever felt, and no perfume on earth could be better than her smell, and you know you could never be bored with her because she’s interesting even when she’s doing nothing. Even without knowing everything about her, you get her. You know who she is, and it works for you on every level.

It’s like trying to describe a color you’ve never seen before. Words can’t make you understand what real love is like. But until you’ve felt it … you haven’t really lived.

I've been exactly that lonly. You're not connected to anything. Some nights it feels like you're dying by the hour. You're so desperate you can't even attract the kind of person you once swore you'd never settle for.

Justine ......have you ever had sex on the first date?''
''Yes'' she said instantly,''No but stay with me annway

Justine, whenever someone says 'this is for your own good,' it's a guarantee they're about to cause you some kind of damage.

Love, she reflected bitterly, wasn't something you bargained with or negotiated lived by its own rules. Love appeared when you didn't want it and refused to go. It was like an invasive species that entered your garden without warning, and proceeded to grow wildly out of control, resistant to every method employed to kill it.
Basically, love was pigweed.

Love will break your heart,[...] but love can also mend it. Not many things in life are both the cause and the cure.

My point is, when someone is hurting you, they can call it whatever the hell they want. They can even call it love. But words lie, actions don’t.

No one can tell you what your path is . . . but someday you'll discover it. . . and it won't be at all what you expected.

No one can tell you what your path is," she had told Justine. "But someday you’ll discover it." She had smiled pensively. "And it won’t be at all what you expected.

Nothing for young woman who yearned for something as extraordinary , and yet entirely normal , as love

One can be alone without being lonely. And lonely without being alone. (Rosemary)

One of the more ignominious features of love was that you could only express it with made you sound like a fraud at a time when you were blazing with sincerity.

Querías amor. Ahora lo tienes. Te quiero lo suficiente, mi amor es tan grande como el de una docena de personas. Tal vez haya algo que no estaría dispuesto a hacer por ti, alguna regla o ley que no quebrantaría, pero que me aspen si se me ocurre cuál podría ser.

The problem with staying busy , however , was that sooner or later you ran out of thing you'd been trying so hard to not to think about became the only thing you could think about .

They shop at Dollar Tree because they don’t want to get dressed up for Walmart.

You shouldn’t rule out second chances. Sometimes they come with interesting bonus features.