Cursor's Fury (Codex Alera #3)

Bosun!” “Aye, skipper?” “Reinforce the mainmast, hang out all the laundry, and warn the witchmen! Let’s make the old bitch fly!

Give it to 'em!"
Take 'em down!"
First Aleran!"
Kick their furry--"
Assault formation!

Got to die of something," Giraldi observed. "Might as well put back a few pints while you wait to see what it is.

It isn't about being fair and equal. It's about the difference between right and wrong." He stared out at the bloody Elinarch. "And this was wrong.

It must be tempered with discipline. Ferocity is useless unless employed in the proper place . . .

It’s easy to see what choices one should have made after it is too late to go back.

Know your enemy. Know yourself. Only then may you achieve victory.

Know your enemy. Know yourself. Only then may you seize victory.

Men plan. Fate laughs.

Men plan. Fate Laughs.

Guis Alera, First Lord

Senator. If you call my friend a liar one more time, I will take it badly."
"Excuse me?" Arnos said, his eyebrows rising up.
"I suggest you find an alternate shortsighted, egomaniacally ridiculous reason to blatantly, recklessly ignore an obvious threat to the Realm simply because you don't wish it to exist. If you cannot restrain yourself from base slander, I will be pleased to meet you in juris macto and personally rip your forked tongue from your head.

This is what it look like when it WORKS?

Wars and plans can’t coexist, sir. One of them kills the other.

You beg fate to make your fears into reality, Aleran. But for the moment, they are only fears. They may come. If so, then face them and overcome them. Until then, pay them no mind. You have enough to think on.

You can tell a great deal about a person by looking at the people who share his life.” Isana