Dark Instincts (The Phoenix Pack #4)

Actually, Marcus wasn’t sure that what Rhett was doing could be described as dancing—he looked like he needed medical attention, which was most likely why all the enforcers stood to the side, watching in a kind of horrified fascination.

Allowing Marcus to lead her back to the Toyota, she glanced over her shoulder at Kerrie. “You—if you come near us again, I’ll make you choke on your own ovaries. And I’ll enjoy it. What’s more, I’ll make you enjoy it. Just sayin’.

Are you a water fountain, Dominic? Because you’re getting me wet.

As far as I’m concerned, you’re mine. I marked you and I staked a claim on you, and I wouldn’t do either of those things lightly. If you do come across your mate and recognise him, you’d better hope to God for his sake that he’s stronger than me sweetheart, or he’s dead. I’ll kill him before I let him take you.

Because they’re your family—you don’t expect that shit from family. But the fact is that, first and foremost, they’re people, and people can be dicks.

Clearly the fuck-up fairy had made an appearance.

go bat-shit crazy on the ass of any attacker because there is no such thing as a fair fight in the real world.

He has a thing for you.”
“No, he doesn’t.”
“Oh, yes he does, pretty baby. But I’ve made it clear that you’re mine.”
“You confronted him?”
“No. I broke his nose.

He’s my sister’s mate—it’s my right to irritate him. It’s what we males do.

He snorted. “You’re patient?” At her growl, he quickly said, in a tone of total agreement, “You’re patient.

He turned his glare on Roni. “I’m now known on a global scale as a gay, submissive, kinky, mated male recovering from an STD!” Roni tilted her head. “If you’re looking for remorse, you can find it in the dictionary somewhere between rectum and runt.

I know that it’s important to thank those who help with research, so thank you very much to Google. I couldn’t have done it without you.

I’m not your type,” she again insisted.
He didn’t deny it, since it would only insult her intelligence. “And yet, I want nothing more than to strip you naked and have my wicked way with you.” She said nothing. “You want me as much as I? want you, Roni … Admit it. I dare you.”
“When she didn’t answer, Marcus persisted. “Roni?”
“Sorry, I was just imagining putting a moth in your mouth. I saw it in a movie once.

It both astonishes and irritates me that you think your opinion matters.

It’s a guy thing, sweetie. Don’t even try to understand it, you’ll just hurt your head.

Long after the celebrations were over, as she was fixing him a late-night snack in her lodge—their lodge, she asked without looking at him, “Are you sure you’re okay with being a member of both packs? I mean, you don’t feel like you’ve betrayed Trey?” It would be stupid, but she could understand it.
From his seat at the kitchen table, he replied, “Hmm.” He had no idea what she’d asked. Come on, did she really expect him to understand a word she said when she was strolling around in nothing but a tank top and a pair of boy shorts? It was one of the hottest things ever and gave him little peaks of that ass he loved. It didn’t matter that he’d been inside her only twenty minutes ago. He could never get enough of her.
Confused by his response, she looked over her shoulder . . . and rolled her eyes. “Could you stop ogling my ass for just one second?”

Marcus Fuller exuded sex, confidence, and a raw compelling charisma that commanded the attention of those around him . . . which was why the Phoenix Pack enforcer was the star of her every X-rated fantasy. He deserved an Oscar for his performances.

Our bond’s fully formed now. When did that happen?”
“When I was resuscitating you.” He rested his forehead against hers. “I didn’t realize I was holding back. It wasn’t intentional.”
“I know.”
“I was scared of needing anyone, scared of having anyone need me.”
“I get it.”
“No, you don’t. You have no concept of how much I need you. It scares me.”
“Same here.” Needing someone went against every instinct she had developed, but Marcus was essential to her.
“Then don’t ever endanger your life like that again. You keep this ass safe for me.” He palmed it and gave it a light squeeze. “Okay?”
“Okay.” His mouth came down on hers, licking, nipping, and biting. Pulling back, he gave her one of those sensual smiles that did very interesting things to her body.
“I love you, Roni Axton.”
“And I love you, Marcus Fuller.” Watching as a familiar pained expression suddenly formed on his face, she said, “Seriously? Despite almost dying, you’re hungry?”
“I don’t know how to answer that question without irritating you.” His mate just rolled her eyes, making him smile again.

Roni frowned as Kye suddenly started spinning in a circle. "What's he doing?"
Markus sighed. "He farts and then looks for it.

Seeing that his smile had grown to epic proportions, she asked “What?”
“You just smiled.”
“I did not.”
“I saw it.”
“You were hallucinating.”
He shook his head, chuckling. “Nope, I saw you smile. I saw those pretty little dimples.”
“I do not have dimples, Fuller!” She had to resist the urge to immaturely stomp her foot.
“Here comes the schoolteacher tone again. Will I have to stay behind after class? I’ll do whatever it takes to get an A.

Shaya’s chasing Nick with her shotgun—and I’m not even kidding. I believe the last words she said to him before we left were, ‘Run, Alpha-boy.

She turned to the three men in her life. “I don’t want any of you trying to protect me tonight.” Marcus, Nick, and Eli frowned. “I mean it. I’ll be nothing but a distraction if all you’re thinking about is my safety. Besides, if you really want me safe, the way to do it is to rip apart any jackal you see—you concentrate on what’s in front of you. Got me?” Her brothers nodded with an unhappy sigh.
Marcus rubbed his nose against hers. “I got you, sweetheart. But that works both ways.” He almost smiled at her rebellious expression. He and his wolf liked that was she so protective. “Don’t worry about me. You just worry about this.” He lightly tapped her ass. “It’s mine, and I want it safe.

Tantrums are a regular thing with my Roni. She can be very petulant at times.”
Okay, that got Marcus’s back up. Roni was anything but petulant. Painfully awkward at times, yes. Totally without social skills, yes. Vengeful and viscous, yes. But not childish.

Then she pointed at her pussy. “Well, it’s not going to lick itself.

Um, Roni, could you please tell me why there’s an unconscious female in the trunk of your car?” Rubbing at his nape, Eli frowned down at the blonde. “When you said, ‘Come see what I’ve got,’ I thought you meant new sneakers or something.

Where’s Ryan?”
“Jaime’s come in his place,” explained Dante. “She insisted on coming here to, and I quote, ‘smack the shit out of the bitch who tried to drug Roni.’ As you can tell, my mate’s painfully shy and has trouble expressing herself.

Why do you hate me?” griped Marcus.
Roni barely resisted the urge to whack her mate over the head. “I just want a little taste.”
“So get your own.”
“You took the last slice.”
“There are other cakes.”
“But I don’t like them. I like chocolate cake.” When he just stared at her wearing a sulky expression, she sighed. “Let me put this another way. Do you enjoy sex?”
“Then you’ll share with me, and you’ll like it.

You might be an Alpha, but your family will always find a way to play you.

Your brother’s going to tell you that I’m not good for you.”
Taken aback by the comment, she blinked him. He discreetly nodded toward Nick. If that scowl was anything to go by…”Yep.”
“He thinks I’m a slut.”
“He’s going to confront me about it at some point, order me to stay away from you.”
“But I won’t.” Marcus held her gaze, not wanting her to miss the determination in his eyes. “Just thought you should know.

You should have called me immediately.”
“No, she should have called me straight away. “I’m her Alpha, and her brother.”
Marcus glanced at Nick curiously. “You say that like you’re more important than me. I’m confused.