Divine By Blood (Partholon #3)

Da, hes waiting for me to tell the two of you our news first, then he'll join me."
He cocked a dark brow at her. "And why would he not come to your mother and me first and ask permission to handfast with you, as is the honorable thing to do?"
She cocked her own brow, mirroring his expression perfectly. "Because he's not stupid. Anyone with any sense would be scared of you two. But even scared to death, he wanted to come with me. I wouldn't let him. I knew I needed to talk to you alone first.

Morrigan "Don't worry I'm following my instincts."
Birkita "Perhaps you could find a way to prudently follow your instincts"
Morrigan "I'm eighteen, nothing I do is prudent

Over Kyle's shoulder she could see grandpa, looking like a cross between a grizzly bear and a giant pissed-off blowfish.

Perhaps you could find a way to prudently follow your instincts?"
Morrigan put her arm around Birkita and squeezed. "I'm eighteen. Nothing I do is prudent."
Birkita sighed. "That is what worries me.