Dreamless (Starcrossed #2)

After all, the monsters think you're the delicious one."

"Smart monsters. I am tasty."

"Says who?"

"Don't believe me? See for yourself."

"Yeah? How?"

"Bite me.

And in case I forget everything, including to come back, I want you to know that I still love you."
"I still love you too." A smile tugged at his lips.

As Orion took a step closer, they wrapped their arms around each other in a miserable huddle.

Because you, Your Chosen Oneness, can come and go down here as you please.

Considerate tutte le cose meravigliose di cui è capace l’essere umano, perché ci concentriamo tanto sulla guerra? Gli uomini dovrebbero fare di meglio.

Even if it kills me, staying awake and seeing you... is better than any dream.

Helen decided that the saying about "time healing all wounds" was a bunch of bull and probably only worked for people with very poor memories. The time she's spent apart from Lucas hadn't healed anything. The distance only made her miss him more.

He loved her eyes. They were always changing, and Lucas liked to catalogue all their different colors in his mind. When she laughed, her eyes were pale amber, like honey sitting in a glass jar on a sunny window. When he kissed her, they darkened until they were the rich color of mahogany leather, but with strips of red and gold thread shot through. Right now they were turning dark—inviting him to lower his lips to hers.

How am I supposed to forget you?” Helen asked, laughing weakly at such a silly suggestion. “You’re too big a part of me. I’d have to forget who I am to forget you.

If other men were houses, Lucas was her home.

I sogni a volte si avverano, ma questo non accade con facilità.

I think all those ancient prophecies are so full of poetic nonsense that half the time no one understands what they mean." ~ Helen

I think we can put this one on the 'he was definitely high' pile.

It's not our talents that make us safe or dangerous, it's our choices.

It’s not our talents that make us safe or dangerous, it’s our choices.

Le abrumaba una serie de emociones tan intensas que, al mismo tiempo, parecían estar en conflicto.

Lucas beobachtete, wie Helen aus dem Haus rannte und in Claires Wagen sprang. Sie sah erschöpft und ausgezehrt aus, aber das Lächeln, mit dem sie Claire begrüßte, was leuchtend und wunderschön und voller Liebe.

So war Helen eben. Auch wenn sie selbst litt, hatte sie diese beinahe magische Fähigkeit, anderen ihr Herz zu öffnen. Nur in ihrer Nähe zu sein, reichte bereits aus, dass er sich geliebt fühlte, auch wenn er wusste, dass ihre Liebe nicht mehr ihm galt.

An diesem Morgen hatte sie ihn wieder beinahe erwischt, und er hatte mittlerweile den Verdacht, dass er ihr Angst machte. Irgendwie konnte sie ihn immer noch spüren. Lucas musste herausfinden, woran das lag, denn er würde ganz sicher nicht aufhören, sie zu bewachen. Nicht, bis er sicher war, dass Automedon endgültig verschwunden war.

Claire und Helen fingen beim Losfahren an, zu singen und verunstalteten einen seiner Lieblingssongs von Bob Marley. Helen sang wirklich grauenhaft. Das war eines der Dinge, die er besonders an ihr mochte. Jedes Mal, wenn sie losjaulte, wie eine getretene Katze, wollte er sie am liebsten in den Arm nehmen und küssen.

Odio perderte, pero me encantan las razones por las que decides abandonarme.

Remember there's always a grain of truth in the prophecies, no matter how much poetry has been frosted on top." ~ Lucas to Helen

Saber lo que uno de verdad desea y tener la confianza para decirlo son dos de las cosas más difíciles de lograr en la vida

Should Cassandra initiate us, Sibyl?" Matt asked, his eyes narrowed like he was testing a dangerous theory that could blow up in his face.

So initiate us," Claire said, crossing her arms and narrowing her eyes in challenge. "Make us priests and priestesses of Apollo."

"Say that again," Jason said, turning to Claire. He was so stunned there was almost no expression on his face.

"That's the plan you've been working on for the past two days? The one you told us not to worry about?" Matt asked in an increasingly high-pitched voice.


This Descender was the princess he had been waiting for - the real Helen.

...try to remember that dreams do come true, but they don't come easily.

Why can't it just work?" she moaned. "Just once I want to come up with a plan and have it work. Is that too much to ask?"

Orion opened his mouth, about to say something to calm Helen down.

"Of course it isn't!" Helen interrupted, her rant picking up steam. "But nothing works down here! Not our talents, not even the geography works. That lake over there is tilted on a slope! It should be a river, but oh, no, not down here! That would make too much sense!

Why is it so damn cold in this damn house...damn it!

Yes. I love them both. And I'd die for them both.

You're my invisible sun, aren't you?

You're my invisible sun, aren't you?
- Dreamless

Y, por sí me olvido de todo, incluido el camino de regreso, quiero que sepas que sigo queriéndote con toda mi alma.