Firstlife (Everlife #1)

Are you living your parents’ dream...or your own?

Better you're my enemy and happy than my friend and miserable

But her general nastiness triggered my inner bitch. I didn’t even know I had an inner bitch!

Fear keeps you alive. Fear reminds you that you are alive.

Flesh heals. The soul can fester.

Gotta slay a lion before you can slay a dragon

hate is like drinking a vial of poison and expecting it to harm the other person,

Hate is like drinking a vial of poison and expecting it to harm the other person, You’re not hurting the guy, only yourself.

He doesn’t yet understand the outside is a shell for all of us. My beauty is on the inside, where it never fades.

I am alone. Never will I believe You care for me The truth is Having faith in you is foolish I don’t think My well-being is your first priority I know We’ll protect each other Is just silly. I believe Remaining on my own Is the smartest course of action Staying with you Is the fastest way to Firstdeath Walking—no, running—away from you Won’t be easy, but I’m willing to do it And I know that We’re better off together Is a lie. For I’m certain of this: I am alone. Two

If at first you don't succeed, kill your opponent.

If happiness is dependent on outside variables, it can’t last. Variables always change. Real happiness has to come from within.

I remind myself that I'm no longer a damsel in distress. I can think this through. What I can't do? Base my decision on fear. Because, while I might be free to make my choice right now, I'll never be free from the consequences of that choice

I think I need to avoid the world today. There’s no way I
can adult.

Last will never be more important than commitment. Commitment stacks the odds of a successful relationship in my favor.

Life sucks. We’ve adapted.

Physical pain will never compare to mental anguish

Remember, the truth hurts for a little while. Lies hurt forever.

Someone who refuses to see the truth will accept the lie. Someone who accepts the lie will never see the truth

Someone who refuses to see the truth will accept the lie.” Well.

Stop trusting your eyes and start listening to your heart. It sees more than you ever will.

Tall, blonde and model-pretty, she’s the girl every other longs to be. Until she opens her mouth, and her outer beauty can no longer compensate for her inner bitch.

The body doesn’t always crave what’s good for it. That’s why attraction will never be enough for me. That’s why there has to be more. Love. Devotion. Determination.

The most destructive or constructive actions begin with a single thought.

What's done is done and can't be undone. We can only move on from here

What you know and feel matters, but what you do matters more.”

Without pressure, there would be no diamonds. Without tests and trials, you wouldn’t know your own strength—or weaknesses.

Would do anything for five more minutes. Just five. To hold her hand, to tell her I forgive her.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, my actions matter.

You saw his actions,” Bow says, “but not his heart.”
Is she serious? “Actions reveal heart.”
“Not always. Deception is all about perception.