Gabriel's Redemption (Gabriel's Inferno #3)

A man has to do what a man has to do. But he should bring his wife with him.

Before he left, Julia extended her hand. He took it, pressing his lips to her palm.

I don't regret this, she whispered.

He pulled back. The pain medication seemed to be affecting her thought processes.

What don't you regret, darling?

Getting pregnant. After this is over, we're going to have a little girl. We'll be a family. Forever.

He gave her a tight smile and kissed her forehead. I'll see you in a few minutes. You stay strong.

(Desk sex can be very, very good, but it’s important to remove the staplers first.)

Don’t you think you deserve to be the center of someone’s universe? Instead of chasing after someone who wants someone else?

Every night when I fall asleep with her in my arms, I thank God she’s mine. Every morning when I wake up, my first thought is that I’m grateful she married me. I will never be worthy of her. But I spend every day trying my damnedest. You were her friend when she needed one. But listen to me when I tell you, Paul, you do not want to push me.

For you, my love, I would endeavor to pluck the stars from the sky, only to shower them at your feet.

For you, my love, I would endeavor to pluck the stars from the sky, only to shower them at your feet.”
“How do you do that?’
“Do what?”
“Say things like that. That’s beautiful.”
“I’ve spent years studying poetry, Mrs. Emerson. It’s in my DNA.

Gabriel gazed at his reflection in the mirror. To his shock and dismay, he was clad only in his underwear, a cheeky pair of boxer shorts that had the phrase 'Medievalists Do It in the Dark (Ages)' printed all over them in phosphorescent lettering.

Gabriel's prayers of thanks were spontaneous and heartfelt. Here, in this room, he had an embarrassment of riches-a pretty, intelligent wife, who had a very large and giving heart, and a beautiful daughter.

Gabriel was a consuming fire. His passion, his desires, all seemed to overtake the desires of those around him.

God wants to rescue us, not destroy us. You don't have to be afraid of being happy, thinking that he wants to take that happiness away from you That's not who he is." "How can you be sure?" "Because when you've had a taste of goodness, it helps you recognize the difference between good and evil. I believe that people like Grace and St. Francis and a whole host of other kind, loving people show us what God is like. He isn't waiting to punish you and he doesn't give you blessings just to strip them away.

Hello, Spring Roll. I'm your daddy and I've been waiting to meet you for a long time. I love you so much.

I could spend the rest of my life inside you and die happy. You're my home." - Gabriel's Redemption

I didn't know it was possible to love someone other than you so much.

I’d never argue with a naked woman.

I’d never love you in spite of anything, Gabriel. I just love you.

I Simply think of you. You are everything.

It’s Professor Emerson, and I went to Harvard. Where did you go, an anti–oral sex college?”
“Darling.” Julia placed a restraining hand on his arm. “Dr. Rubio is trying to help us and the baby. We want to be healthy.”
“Cunnilingus is healthy,” he huffed. “I can prove it.

I will never be worthy of her. But I spend every day trying my damnedest.

Life is risk. I could get cancer. Or get hit by a car. You could wrap me in bubble wrap and keep me indoors and I could still get sick. I know that I could lose you too. And as much as I don’t want to say it, someday you’re going to die.”

Her voice broke on the last word. “But I choose to love you now and I choose to build a life with you knowing I could lose you. I’m asking you to make that same choice. I’m asking you to take the risk, with me.

Of all the gifts God gave me, he thought, the greatest one is you.

Of course. Couples argue. Husbands are asses. We have hot, sweaty makeup sex and move on.

Then I’m glad I’m your first.” She tightened her grip on his hand.
“You’re my last, Gabriel. My only.

There's no one here but us.
And what I see is Breathtaking

These hands are yours. You can use them
for good, or for evil. And no amount of nature, biology, or DNA determines those
decisions for you.

This is the culmination of all my hopes, Gabriel. Julia reached out to him and he strained to catch her pinky finger with his own. This is my happy ending.

This must be love, she murmured, in between sips of water.

What's that? He sat behind her, cradling her in his arms.

You held my hair, Professor. You must love me.

He reached a tentative hand to her lower abdomen. I seem to recall you looking after me once, when I was sick. And that was before you loved me.

I always loved you, Gabriel.

Thank you. He kissed her forehead. We made this little one together. You aren't going to scare me off with bodily fluids.

I'll remember that when my water breaks.

We can't change out pasts. All we can change is the future.

You can’t eliminate your past but you don’t have to be controlled by it.

Your father is proud of us for having a
Gabriel nodded, as he continued brushing.
“That means he’s proud of us for having sex and you for impregnating me. Do you think they make T-shirts for grandfathers that express those sentiments?