Hadji Murad

All this was as it should be, because welfare and happiness of the world depended on him, and wearied though he was he would still not refuse universe the assistence.

Decision it was only necessary for him to concentrate his attention for a few moments and the spirit moved him, and the best possible decision presented itself as though an inner voice had told him what to do.

Desapareció la luna y empezó a clarear el día. Habían terminado ya la primera tanda cuando el hijo mayor, Akim, en pelliza corta y gorro, se acercó a los que trabajaban.
-¡Tú sí que te lo tomas con calma! -le gritó el padre, dejando de golpear y apoyándose en el mayal.
-Tenía que atender a los caballos.
-¡Atender a los caballos! -dijo el padre remedándole- La vieja cuidará de eso. Tú coge un mayal. Te estás poniendo demasiado gordo. ¡Borrachín!
-¿Eres tú el que me pagas la bebida? -gruñó el hijo.
-¿Qué? -dijo el padre, frunciendo el ceño y blandiendo el mayal con aire de amenaza.
El hijo, sin decir palabra, cogió el mayal y la faena se reanudó.

He had great faith in his own fortune. When planning anything he always felt in advance firmly convinced of success and fate smiled to him.

He was in a full possession of facile, refined and agreeable intellect which he used to maintain his power and strengthen and increase his popularity.

How many different plant-lives man destroys to support his own existence - I thought!

In the service, especially in the complicated situation such as this, it is difficult not to say impossible, to follow any one straight path without risking mistakes and without accepting
responsibility, but once a path seems to be the right one I must follow it, happen what may.

I threw it away feeling sorry to have vainly destroyed a flower that looked beautiful in its proper place. How many different plant lives man destroys to support his own existence.

It is in the mountains that the eagles dwell

It was futile class of people who discussed not merely science and poetry but even the ways of governing men

Peluru, kamu panas, dan kamu membawa kematian, tetapi bukankah kamu abdiku yang setia? Tanah hitam, kamu akan menyelimutiku, tetapi bukankah aku menginjakmu dengan kudaku? Kamu, maut, kamu dingin, tetapi akulah tuanmu.Tanah akan mengambil tubuhku, langit akan mengambil jiwaku.

The dog gave the meat to the ass and the ass gave hay to the dog and both went hungry

to the foe in the field you need not yield" 

What energy!' I thought. 'Man has conquered everything, and destroyed millions of plants, yet this one won't submit.

Where the legs have gone the hind legs must follow