Hemlock Grove (Hemlock Grove #1)

All in all, Peter’s love of being Peter was so great that like an overfilled bucket of paint it slopped over even in the smallest moments of his day.

And it made me hurt inside of my bones with sadness. Because in a life that is long and well lived there are sorrows and darkest doldrums that cannot be understood by those who live day to day like it could be any other.

And remember: the flesh is as sacred as it is profane.

A question is a door and an unopened door is just part of the wall and as long as it's standing it's doing its job.

A rich man, was one who spent a million.

But she would make it, because maybe he wasn't much of a warrior but if there was one thing that he was cut out for it was an epic and retarded act of love.

Fear is a communicable disease; it comes out in the sweat and passes from host to host. Fear is an incendiary agent; it combusts with stupidity.

Fear is a communicable disease; it comes out in the sweat and passes from host to host. Fear is an incendiary agent; it combusts with stupidity.

God doesn't want you to be happy, He wants you to be strong.

He had not actually known what to expect in coming here tonight, much less that it would reveal to him two essential truths of life: that men do become wolves and that if you have the privilege to be witness to such a transformation it is the most natural and right thing you have ever seen.

Hey hey hey,” said Roman, “we don’t love with our teeth.

If a problem can't be solved within the frame it was conceived, the solution lies in reframing the problem.

...if you stood at the other end of the universe seeking resolution you would just end up feeling like an idiot for trying.

I have an ugliness it's impossible to love.

It's weird that impossible is even a word.

Knowing before ever seeing it that her ass was like a stationary drop of water on a flower stem

No good ever came out of possessing a firearm in a Patsy Cline singing mood.

Of course, minute as its impact may be in our physical universe, the fact of quantum entanglement is this: If one logically inexplicable thing is known to exist, then this permits the existence of all logically inexplicable things. A thing may be of deeper impossibility than another, in the sense that you can be more deeply underwater--but whether you are five feet or five fathoms from the surface you are still all wet.

Our love must not be a thing of words and fine talk. It must be a thing of action and sincerity.

Pain was as much a part of this life as the summer and the winter and the rain, and there was no greater asshole than the one who believed you can cure it.

Senses will lie as dreams wake. You are not on solid ground. Don't look down.

That if a thing is defined in contrast that's what life is, the shadow of death. So the mystery of death couldn't be the bad thing, because without it there wouldn't be life. The badness was life, just happening, as essential a part of the good as the good. And what was there to do but to take it as it comes and to hope, to hope constantly and carnally and with no time to lose.

The first step to liberty is respecting the rights of others.

There is no upward limit to the number of times you can make the same mistake.

There was so much to learn from every place. Or at least something worth watching. Who was in love with their best friend's boy- or girl-friend, who was in love with their best friend, who cut, who starved, who locked themselves in the handicapped bathroom to jerk off or cry, who was addicted to what or raped by whom--it was everywhere, a wonderful world of darkness and desire right under the roaring bleachers, if you had your eye out.

The thing about coming back from the dead was that your life went on.

Tiring because he felt prematurely the weight of carrying how stupidly fucking sad this was for the rest of his days.

We can't know if we laugh at ourselves for being silly or to forget that we're not and that we are still here only by a sufferance that can be no more predicted than appeased. Like most things, probably a little of both.

Well what?” said Peter. He knew but had learned that if there was one advantage to the male sex it was that your obtuseness would never be underestimated; if you pretend you don’t know what the problem is, half the time it just goes away.

Wisdom is where the brain meets the heart.