Hidden (House of Night #10)

Actually, the zapping light was kinda like Sookie’s fairy-light-thing. Do you think there’s any chance I’m a fairy?”

“No, Z. Focus. True Blood is fiction. This is the real world.

Adam's gaze quickly shifted from the full tattoo on my face, to the V-neck of my T-shirt and the glimpse of tattooing across my collarbone, down to my palm, which was also covered in the same filigree tattoo. "I didn't know vampyres were getting additional tattooing done. Is your artist here in Tulsa?"
I grinned. "Yeah, sometimes. But mostly she's in the Otherworld." I could see he was trying to process what I'd said, so I took the opportunity to blurt, "Hey, you said you don't have a girlfriend, but how about a boyfriend?"
"Um, no, I don't have a boyfriend, either. At least not currently." Adam glanced at Damien, who met his gaze.
/Success!/ was what I was thinking.

All right, yeah, sounds good, but I have no idea where they might be. Do you? Is that one of the gifts you have?" Shaylin asked.
Aphrodite- "Goddess, you are brain damaged. No, I don't have a GPS inside my head.

Ancient mirror
Macick mirror
Shades of gray
Within, away
Part the mist
Macick kissed
Call the fey
Reveal the past
The spell is cast
I save the day!

At the very least i should fear you. some would say that I should hate you."
"Many would say that."
"Yet i neither fear nor hate you."
"You-you are comforting me. Giving me sanctuary. Why, Grandma?" Aurox asked.
"Because I believe in the power of love. I believe in chosing Light over Darkness-happiness over hatred-trust over skeptism,

but before they could do anything this bright light zapped them.” I paused, thinking through my panic. “Actually, the zapping light was kinda like Sookie’s fairy-light-thing. Do you think there’s any chance I’m a fairy?” “No, Z. Focus. True Blood is fiction.

-During Thanatos's class-

Damien tapped quickly on his iPad and lifted it so we could all see: Torn Asunder=Torn To Pieces

He had been fashioned when the sky kissed the sun. Just as I had been fashioned when the sky kissed the moon. The sky, like most immortals, is a fickle bastard who took as he pleased and then paid no attention to the offspring he left behind.

He has a spirit-a soul- and therfore a choice. I will belive that Aurox will chose Light, even if Darkness resides within him. None of us is entirely good. Or evil.

It began with a memory. Decades, and then centuries fell away leaving Lenobia young and naïve again, and in the cargo hold of the ship that had carried her from France to America—from one world to another. It was during that journey that Lenobia had met Martin, the man who should have been her Mate for his entire life. Instead he had died too young and had taken her love to the grave with him.

I was blinking back freaked-out tears when Rephaim whispered my name. I looked over at him. He smiled and mouthed two small words: people change.

No matter what else, we have love. Always love.

Oh. Yeah. That does make sense.” Shaylin hesitated. “But I don’t know which dorm room is hers.”
“Third floor, number thirty-six. When they shared a brain, they used to say it stood for their chest size. I
said it was their combined IQ.”
“Of course you did,” Shaylin said.
“See, you do understand me!” Aphrodite said with fake enthusiasm.

Shaylin s?kk?n bir tav?rla ellerini havaya kald?rd?. ‘’Tanr?ça a?k?na, seni kurtlar m? büyüttü?’’
‘’Say?l?r,’’ dedi Afrodit. ‘’Ama paralar? vard?.

Stark grinned his cocky half smile and took my hand, threading his fingers through mine for all of the video audience to see. "Z, don't almost cuss on film. Your grandma might hear and that wouldn't be cool."
"Sorry," I muttered. "How about I just let you talk."
Stark's grin got bigger, "Well, that'll be a first.

There were worse things than dying, and those worse things happened to the people you left behind.

This is for those of you who have made mistakes, and who are brave enough to correct them, and wise enough to learn from them.

Time to grow up. Time to stop bawling. Time to do SOMETHING. And that means, if I'm not sleeping, my nerd-herd isn't sleeping either-sun or no sun.

Try asking for Nyx's help."
"Nyx would not hear me." Kalona spoke so quietly that Shaunee almost didn't hear him. "she has not heard me for eons."
"During those eons how many times did you ask for her help?"
"Not once," he said
"Then how do you know she's not listening to you?

Well I ain't Dr. Phil, but I'm smart," she said.
"And your shoes are cuter than his," I said, trying to sound at least semi-normal.
"Yeah they remind me of Dorothy's ruby slippers, only mine are wedges 'cause I'm more fashion conscious than she was.

We must have a creature made of Darkness to break through the cage of Darkenss that imprisons your grandmother," Thanatos said.
"That creature is me." Aurox stepped forward.
"Oh, for shit's sake! We are absolutely fucked!" Aphrodite said.
Sadly I had to agree with her.

What the hell's wrong with mimosas?' Aphrodite was saying. 'Orange juice is for breakfast.'
'What about the champagne part? That's alcohol,' Stevie Rae said.
'It's pink Veuve Clicquot. That means its good champagne, which cancels out the alcohol part,

You are absolutely at the correct spot. Well done, you, for finding us!" Damien's smile was so warm that I watched the tense set of the human's shoulders relax. Then he actually held out his hand and said, "Excellent. I'm Adam Paluka, from Tulsa's Fox News 23, I'm here to interview your High Priestess and, I'm guessing, some of you as well."
"Nice to meet you, Mr. Paluka. I'm Damien," Damien said, taking his hand. Then he giggled a little and added, "Oooh, strong grip!"
The reporter grinned. "I aim to please. And call me Adam. Mr. Paluka is my dad."
Damien giggled again. Adam chuckled. They made major eye contact. Stevie Rae nudged me and we shared a /look./ Adam was cute, seriously cute in a young, up-and-coming metro-sexual guy way. Dark hair, dark eyes, good teeth, really good shoes, and a man satchel, which Stevie Rae and I spotted together. Our eyes telegraphed to each other /potential boyfriend for Damien!/
"Hi there, Adam, I'm Stevie Rae." She stuck out her hand. As he took it she said, "You don't have a girlfriend, do ya?"
His straight-toothed smile faltered, but only a little. "No. I don't, um. No. I absolutely don't have a girlfriend.