Hot Ticket (Sinners on Tour #3)

Aggie,” he whispered. The sound of her name on his lips wrapped around her heart and squeezed.

Am I hurting you at all?”
“Not enough,” he whispered. “Make me bleed.

Baby, that was just a warm-up.

Besides she's off birth control now. I don't want you guys naked within a hundred yards of her."
"Uh, how are we supposed to shower?"Trey asked.
Brian rolled his eyes in annoyance. "You can shower, dumbass. Just make sure you wear a condom."

Border patrol,” a uniformed officer announced as he stepped on the bus. “Anything to declare?”
“I declare that this sucks,” Trey said, shuffling past him.
“Hey,” Eric said to the office and pointed at Trey. “I saw that guy shove something up his ass.

Don’t you dare fucking come before me, you asshole!

Eric pulled a drumstick from the inner pocket of his leather vest and held it across his chest like a sword. "I shall guard this dwelling, m'lady, and vanquish all who dare to trespass." He took a stab at Sed with his improvised weapon. "Back, foul beast

He smiled. “This is usually the part where the woman calls me a sick bastard, grabs her clothes, and runs out of the room naked without a backwards glance.” “I’m not running.” His

He was supposed to record in the studio this afternoon, and pow—he gets shot. This fuckin’ album is cursed, I tell you.

How could you? On his ass, Eric. Brian has a fucking kitten riding on a unicorn permanently etched on his ass!” Huh?

If you disrespect my woman like that again, I’ll kick your fuckin’ ass. You won’t get back up.

I’m a whole different type of beast.

I’m your best buddy, and you don’t want me to die from a giant case of blue balls?”
“I don’t think that’s fatal,” Aggie said.
“Have you ever had blue balls?” Eric asked.
She grinned and flipped her gaze to the ceiling. “Well…”
“They’re not just for Smurfs.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt,” Aggie said.
“And then it’s hilarious,” Eric said.

I’ve got you baby,” she whispered.
The pain inside was unbearable – worse than anything in his experience. He couldn’t breathe. “It hurts,” he gasped. “God, it hurts. Mercy,” he begged her, rubbing his face against her belly. “Mercy, Aggie. Mercy.

Jace shrugged and looked at the floor. He wanted to leave. He couldn’t do this with her mother in the house, especially not after the woman had told him to keep his dick in his pants. The sole reason he was here was to put his dick in her daughter. Repeatedly and in excess.

Nice to meet you both,” she said. “I hate to be rude, but if I don’t ride The Beast in the next five minutes, I’m going to die.

She wanted that—what Sed and Jessica had. And she wanted it with Jace.

Sorry to pry. One of the vibrators was humming. I followed the sound.

Thanks, tripod," Eric said....
"Tripod?" Jace asked.
"As hung as you are, you practically have three legs.

There’s so much love in your life, but you don’t recognise it. You won’t let it in. That’s why you feel so lonely, baby. Don’t you get it? It’s not them. They care about you. It’s you. You don’t see it.

This is my fault. If you’d never met me, this wouldn’t have happened.”
“If I’d never met you, I would never gotten to hold you. I’ll take the bullet.

What if I call you Huge Cock Master Pussy Delighter?

What’s a little sac connection between friends?

What's wrong, Eric? Aggie asked.
"He got his period,"Trey said.

Your balls are touching mine" Jace said between clenched teeth.
"What's a little sac contact between friends?