If There Be Thorns (Dollanganger #3)

By V.C. Andrews; Published In 1981
Genres: Fiction, Horror, Young Adult, Romance
Being a good listener is the perfect way to avoid answering questions you’d rather ignore.

Don’t try to appeal to me when I feel sick to my stomach. I ask myself each day how I can come home and not be tired of you, and still feel as I do after so many years, and after all that has happened. Yet I go on year after year loving you, needing and trusting you. Don’t take my love and make it into something ugly!

...for everything can come to those who have the desire,the drive, the dedication, and the determination." v.c.andrews

has to be darkness if there is to be light.

If there were no shadows, how could we see the sunlight?

I loved her in an odd kind of way, the way you love winter when you’re hot in summer.

Life is always like that—twenty minutes of misery for every two seconds of joy. So, be everlastingly grateful for those rare two seconds and appreciate; appreciate what good you can find, no matter what the cost.

Life is like that - twenty minutes of misery for every two seconds of joy.

pleasingly plump” figure.

Seek the tarnish and you shall find

The love they had for each other seemed to me very different from the love I saw between the parents of the few friends I had. Their love seemed more intense, more tumultuous, more passionate. Whenever they thought no one was watching they locked eyes, and they had to reach out and touch whenever they passed one another.

...there has to be darkness if there is to be light.

The world belongs to those who know how to speak well, and fortunes are made by those who write well,

we could survive the worst, doesn’t it stand to reason we should be able to bear the best?

You can trust a few some of the time, and most none of the time. Feel lucky if you have even one to trust all of the time.

You snatch from life what you can while you are young, for if you wait for better times to come tomorrow, you wait in vain.

you used to do that. If you hid your face, you thought we couldn’t see you just because you couldn’t see us.