Into the Fire (Night Prince #4)

A wolfish smile curled Vald's mouth. "It appears you're right --- I simply can't go an entire day without murdering someone.

Despite the instant blast of heat, I ran through it without a backward glance. “That’s love for you,” I heard Ian say. “Glad I’m too corrupt to fall victim to that form of intelligence lobotomy.” “I hope you fall head over heels for someone who insists on monogamy!” I

Even though he’d released only a sliver of his power, it still felt as if I’d just gotten subconsciously scalded. If I were anyone else, I’d be terrified at pissing off the legendary Vlad Tepesh, meaning “Impaler,” aka Dracula, aka don’t-ever-call-him-Dracula-if-you-want-to-live, but I was Mrs. Vlad Dracul, thank you very much.

Gretchen turned to Vlad. “Speaking of that, hiya, Drac-in-law.

Hallo" , he said in a purr, looking Gretchen up and down in a way that raised my hackles. "What's your name, sweeting ? "
"Her name is No," I said at once.

How many times must I tell you not to kill anyone tonight? It’s like a sickness with you, isn’t it? Have you ever gone a whole day without committing murder?”
“Has anyone who’s spent their whole day with you?” I muttered.

Ian gave me an aggravated look. "Can't shag your sister, can't shag your friend, can't shag you, can't shag Vlad. If I wanted to be this sexless and miserable, I'd get married.

Ian,” Mencheres said in a chiding tone. “You should have at least gotten dressed.

If you think this is impressive, I know a fellow whose wife can shapeshift into an ancient dragon. I ache with envy at the thought of shagging one of those."

My jaw dropped. "You'd seriously bang a dragon?"

"Oh, for days," he responded at once. "Can you imagine the Internet videos? I'd be a bloody legend.

I might be angry with you, but a father always forgives his children, even if those children are not of his own blood.

I suppose I should've known there was more to you than the insipid whore you present yourself to be."

Instead of being insulted, Ian smiled almost flirtatiously. "Oh, I am all the whore you can imagine and more, but I do have other talents. Few people see them, although you and your lovely wife are about to.

I told you before; I know you're the dragon instead of the knight. And I don't care. At your best or at your worst, I will always love you, Vlad.

Let’s get my part of this over with,” Vlad said shortly. “And if the name ‘Buffy’ comes out of my mouth, it will be the last word you ever hear.

Let’s get to what we came for,” Vlad said, his brusque tone reminding Ian that he wasn’t a fan of sightseeing.
Ian sighed. “Always straight to business. How you stand it, poppet, I’ll never know, but I suspect that fiery tongue has something to do with it. [...]

My emotions would have to wait until things calmed down enough for them to take the wheel.

Okay, so we were dealing with someone powerful and psychotically bent on revenge. Being married to Vlad, I had experience with both those things.

She's my wife," Vlad growled before I could correct the misassumption. "And if your cock twitches one more time while you look at her, I'll burn it off.

Then, with only slightly less of a scowl, Gretchen turned to Vlad. “Speaking of that, hiya, Drac-in-law.”
“Love it!” Ian called out. “Now I must meet the little chippie who called you Drac to your face.

There’s more to all of us. Yet most times, we still only see what we expect to see.

Very well. On my love for Mencheres, I swear that I will honor both you and Leila as my true partners, and I will keep my insolence, trickiness , filthiness, and general knavery to as much a minimum as I can manage.

Wait, I can’t kill him,” he said, as if remembering something. “Ian made me swear not to kill anyone tonight.”

“I release you from that vow!” Ian shouted.
“Oh, but I have a real problem,” Vlad said with merciless mockery. “In fact, it’s like a sickness for me, right?”
“I was wrong!” Ian yelled. “Not a sickness, it’s a bloody marvelous gift. Now, practice that gift before I’m nothing more than a silver-pronged husk!

We can fight about it until Branson hears us, or we can get him together quietly," I went on, narrowing my eyes. "Your choice."
The high-arched portico covering the fortress's main entrance suddenly exploded, jetting out fire and pieces of stone. I ducked from instinct, but Vlad walked right toward the burning chaos, the fire parting to let him pass.
"Does that answer your question?" he asked.

You said please,” I whispered, smiling when his relief flooded my emotions with the force of a thousand dams breaking. “I’m never going to let you live that down.