Invasive (Zer0es #2)

By Chuck Wendig; Published In 2016
Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller, Fiction, Horror
All under the pretense of military application.”
He pouts. “No pretense about it. Remember, the Internet was a military application. And now look at how it’s changed our culture.

Earth is home to more than twelve thousand species of ants. If you weighed all the ants and all the humans, the ants would weigh more.

Her gorge rises. This smell won’t be ignored. A wall of it hits her: something formerly human, but something fungal, too. A sour bile stink filled with the heady odor of a rotten log. Her arm flies to her nose and mouth and she chokes back the dry heave that tries to come up. Under

It all feels so artificial, so manufactured—and yet, could he be sincere? His website calls him an altruistic capitalist. He’s quoted as saying, “Changing the world for the better is more important than changing my financial fortunes. But I believe that doing the right thing is also a very good way to get rich.” So

It always seemed to me that the hacker occupied the same niche as the American cowboy in your Wild West. Gunslingers at the edge of known civilization. Black hats, white hats. Some drawn into thievery, others taking the law into their own hands—justice both corporeal and social.

The age of the insect, he thinks. The meek truly shall inherit the earth.

The future is a door.

Only if we make it so. We must be active participants in creating a future. We cannot be only prophets. We can divine whatever we want in the guts of a pigeon, but unless we work to make the future we see true, then we will likely never see it made so. You

Paradise is precarious. Just one little thing …” He mimes a little shove. “Can push it into imbalance. It didn’t take much to screw up the Garden of Eden.

Science is trumped by ignorance when the ignorant are given a vote.

That’s why we gotta do good things now. Make good decisions. Try to move the rudder long before the boat ever gets near the iceberg, right?

the eyes bulging white fruits against the muscles of his cheeks and forehead.

We’re here to change the world, not participate in its tedium.

We think the future is robots and hovercars and maybe it’s really here.

Why … wouldn’t I? People are people. You ever … look at a YouTube comments section? You’d … want everyone dead … too.

You ever . . . look at a YouTube comments section? You’d . . . want everyone dead . . . too.