Keepsake (True North #3)

Be well, Lark. Look kindly at yourself. That’s all I ask of you.

Dr. Becky was a huge fan of Zach’s, even though she hadn’t met him. Figured. Zach was pretty irresistible.

Everyone has a time when they need a lot more than they can give. It doesn’t matter how much you hate it. It’s just true.

Funny how I never really appreciated the bible until I got free of the people who’d taught it to me.

Hang in there,” I whispered. “The night won’t last forever.” She relaxed, and I was the reason.

Humans are interdependent by choice. You have a burden of guilt, and it’s brave of you to want to carry it yourself. But it’s foolish not to let others help you. Give some of it away to your parents and your friends. And when they need your help, you’ll be strong enough to support them, too.

I am in love with you.” My eyes filled instantly. I didn’t think he’d go there, and it hurt me to hear it. “Well, don’t be,” I said, my voice a scrape. “I’m a mess, Zach.” “I’m not scared of messes.” “I can’t be anybody’s girlfriend” He stiffened. “You can’t, or you won’t?

I can handle it, Lark. Just lean on me. I’ll be your Apostate Farm.

I didn’t know any sexual innuendo. Those still got me into trouble because it seemed there were a million terms for sex, and they didn’t all make sense. I’ll never forget the sight of Griffin doubled over after explaining what a blowjob was. “But nobody’s blowing on anything,” I’d protested while he tried to remember how to breathe.

If I’m Ethan, you’re Beverly.

If my brother can find someone to love his grumpy ass, and even Eeyore here is married –“She jerked a thumb toward to Jude, who grinned. “- then it’s really astonishing that you and I are single.” I, for one, was not astonished. “Many are called, but few are chosen.

I’ve been horrible to you,” Lark sobbed. “I said shitty things.” “I don’t listen too good,” I said.

I would work on this farm and share meals with these people. I would smile and act normal for as long as it took. Until acting normal seemed normal again, and the dragons in my heart forgot to blow their fire.

My dragons took long naps on their chains and forgot to frighten me with their fiery roar.

Remind me again,” I whispered “why you’re a virgin?” “Never wanted anyone enough,” he panted. “And now?” I pressed, punctuating the question by sucking gently on his skin beneath Zach’s ear. “In my dreams we do it every night.

Sex is ten percent skill and ninety percent listening. Who’s a better listener than you?

Then she dropped it and asked. “Did you…deflower him?” Ugh. “Hello, this is 1865 calling. They want their word back.

Who could forget him? Zachariah was a thing of beauty.

Zach was beautiful on his worst day. But a horny Zach was a thing of fantasies.