Light Shadows (Dark Light #3)

Always keep your head held high, child. For even the most timid mouse can wreak havoc on a great and mighty house.

Being loved by Dorian is like having the sweetest wine on your tongue while resting on a bed of clouds. But when that love is stolen away, there is no taste. No feeling. My heart and mind had become numb because I couldn’t stand to feel one more ounce of agony.

Did you have to pick out something so skimpy?” I whine. “Jesus H. Christ, my vagina might catch a cold in this frigid night air.

Dorian Skotos became my savior in that moment, more so than he already was. And part of me—the Dark, ugly, abhorrent side—began to resent him for it.

He stays in the shadows, refusing to let me see him, but I can almost imagine that sinister smile and the intensity in those aqua eyes.

I hate that I feel this way. Hate that I’m using him to escape myself. But the feel of Dorian nestled inside me, worshipping my body, sexing me beyond sensation, is heaven. And I’m tired of living in hell.

I keep my hands stuffed into my pockets, careful not to brush up against anything. I’d very much like to make it out of here Hepatitis-free.

I loved him and I knew he loved me, but that didn’t change the hurt I felt at yet another betrayal. At some point, the small things become big things. And the big things become deal breakers. This wasn’t a deal breaker, but it definitely warranted a reaction.

Let’s stop hurting one another, ok?” He kisses the crown of my head and squeezes me tighter to his body. “Ok. But Gabriella?” “Yes?” “You talk in your sleep.

MY LIFE IS a beautiful tragedy. A sad love story on an endless loop. The players may evolve and the setting may change, but it’s always the same. Love. Pain. Death. Repeat.

This is unhealthy—I get it. Normal people experience infatuation, maybe even love if they’re lucky. Like Morgan said, this isn’t love—it’s insanity of the heart. This is a sickness. A disease.

What kind of savior could I be when I was turning into a bona fide peen fiend?

Would you really give all this up for me? Could you honestly be complacent with a normal life, and be a somewhat normal guy?” He steps inside the room, holding the door for me to pass. Yet, he doesn’t answer. He doesn’t have to. His silence says enough. No. It won’t be enough. Dorian was born and raised a prince.

You find something—or someone—to live for instead. And every day of your existence is focused on keeping her happy and healthy. And even when you fail at that, you try again. Because she is your life. She is everything.

You’re a vicious little creature, aren’t you, baby girl?