Manners & Mutiny (Finishing School #4)

A ball, at last!” Dimity Plumleigh-Teignmott sank back into her chair in delight.

After every unladylike action, there must be an equal and opposite reaction. Consider the necessary, analyze the consequences, clean up the mess.

A girl wearing a wicker chicken and playing the harp bopped me with a book about buns and then stuffed me under a piano.

A lady must always be prepared. Snacks are an essential part of espionage.” Sophronia

And so we glide in on the wisps of receding fog, emerging out of the white with the rays of the dying sun highlighting all our puffy majesty.' Dimity was moved by loss to muttering poetic twaddle.

As much as she was enjoying it, Dimity would always rather talk about reading than actually read.

Consider the necessary, analyze the consequences, clean up the mess.

Evil genius-ness was like that--showy.

Falling out of the sky was one thing, but doing so for unknown reasons was quite unacceptable. Having

For you, it's gossip. For me, it's action.

He might have lost his mind, but never his fashion sense.

He wants to know why my marks aren’t better. Why I don’t speak fluent French. Why I can’t kill a fully grown man with a nutcracker.

I hate missing everything. That's why I want to marry well and be a grand lady. Then I can host all the parties, all the time, and see everything that is going on always. How can you stand not knowing?

I have always been hers. Although she is taking her time accepting it.” “I

It didn't feel sporting to shoot at a crazy person, even if that person was a vampire who'd agreed to the job.

It is a valuable thing for an intelligencer to be forgotten.

I was rather hoping we could live happily in sin for a very long time.

No, miss, friendship would be a finish.

Oh, yes? Then explain the melancholy.’ ‘Perhaps I’m bored.’ ‘With what?’ asked Agatha. ‘Oh, you know. Flirting, pretty dress, espionage… death.

Please don’t. When you think about things, Sophronia, they only get more complicated. This thing between us could be so very easy, if you let it.

Shut your cake hole, you revolting young blot.

Stupid little boys should learn to use guns and not wave them around.

There was no way she was staying trapped with tea at a time like this.

Tonight I crash an airship. On purpose.

Trust is a lot to ask of someone.

Truth be told, even with Sophronia’s arm muscles, vampires could hurl her a great deal farther than Sophronia could hurl vampires. A great tragedy of life, no doubt. The

We like the shadows. That's where all the power is.

We're a team like tea and milk, or cake and custard, or pork and apple.