Minding Frankie

dinner in their house. As she walked along the canal, Moira saw a small man surrounded by dogs walking towards her. It was Noel’s father, Charles Lynch, marching along with dogs of different sizes and shapes: a spaniel, a poodle and a miniature schnauzer trit-trotting on their leads on one side and a huge Great

It was true what they had been saying: if people remember you, then you’re not dead. It was very comforting.

Noel had decided that the very best way to cope with things not being so great was not to think about them at all. It had worked well so far. Why

the situation. First time in the country and she had found St. Jarlath’s Crescent with no difficulty. “You must be Noel. I hope I’m not too early for the household.” “No, we were all up. We’re about to go to work, you see, and you are very welcome, by the way.” “Thank you. Well, shall I come in and say hello and good-bye to them?” Noel realized that he might have left her forever on the doorstep, but then he was only half awake. It took him until about eleven a.m., when he had his first vodka and Coke, to be fully in control of the day. Noel was absolutely certain that nobody at Hall’s knew of his morning injection of alcohol and

We all have to be strong in honor of Hooves. He wasn’t the kind of spirit that people go bawling and crying about. In his honor, be strong.