Monster in His Eyes (Monster in His Eyes #1)

A real man would never abandon his family.

Change doesn't happen overnight. There's no button that's pushed to magically alter everything. Change happens little by little. Day by day. Hour by hour.
It's the ticking of a secondhand, moving painstakingly, as it makes its way around the clock. You don't realize it until it's already over, the minute gone forever, as you're thrust right into the next one, the time still ticking away, whether you want it to or not.
Before long you have a hard time remembering the world as it once was, the person you were then, too focused on the world around you instead.
A world full of promise. A world full of excitement.

Come home with me, Karissa.
"My breath hitches. "That's not a question."
"Doesn't matter," he says. "Come home with me, anyway.

Happiness is being fucked so rough you can hardly breathe, can hardly speak, can do nothing but squeal like a pig as he nails you over and over, pushing inside of you so hard, so deep, that you can feel the man not only with your body, but also with your soul. Happiness is waking up the next morning, barely able to recall your own name, because the only one that mattered in hours was his, screamed so loud your throat is painfully raw, like the name had bled from your lips

Happiness is having your very first hickey, put there by a set of soft lips that speak the smoothest words that sound like music to your ears and whispers to your soul.

He makes me feel like the sun, the world revolving around me, and I'm not ready to invite any others into our universe.

He's a beast. A monster.
And he looks like he wants to devour me.

He's a child with a brand new toy, and I just hope he doesn't break me as soon as I'm out of the package.

He's a force of nature. The wind would carry me right back to him.

He's a monster, wrapped up in a pretty package. But I find myself wondering at times like this, when I feel the distance between us, if maybe in his eyes, the real monster is me.

He set out to destroy me, but he fell in love with me instead. I fell in love with him, and that's what destroyed me in the end.

He's my breath of fresh air, and I feel like I can't breathe anymore when he's not around.

He touches my body but he tears at my soul, ripping pieces out of me that are now his and his alone.

His full name is Ignazio Vitale, although once, not so long ago, he urged me to call him
Naz. And it was Naz who charmed me, who won me over and made me melt. It wasn't until
later that I got to know the true Ignazio, and by the time I met Vitale, it was far too late to just
walk away.

His words distract me from the worry. "You have parents?"
"Of course," he says. "I didn't create myself.

I don't want him to stop. I want to be his. I want to be his everything. I want him to take me, and make me, and use me, and abuse me, because he thinks he has control and I know now that's what he craves.

I have a word problem for you." "I'm listening" "If Naz forgoes sleep, and Karissa gets naked, how many orgasms can he give her before sun up?

I like to think I'm one of a kind.

I love you, too. Promise me you'll remember that." "I promise." "Good," he says. "Because I'm about to fuck you like I don't.

I’m the king of the jungle. I’m the predator.”
“Does that make me your prey?”
“That makes you my queen.

I'm warning you. I'm not a good man, Karissa, and I never will be. So don't think you can fix me, or that I'll ever change, because I won't. I can't. You have to know, if this goes any further, if you ask me to stay, I'm not going to be able to let you walk away.

I should kill you, I fucking wish I had it in me to do it.

Love means seeing beauty in the ugly, the light in the dark, and accepting that even if the lights are off, and I can't see what's in front of me, there will be something there to guide my way.
Love means turning yourself inside out, handing yourself over to somebody else, and trusting them.. trusting them to touch you, to handle you, to bend you, but never, ever break what you give them.

Maybe Cinderella didn’t live happily ever after. Maybe, come midnight, she wanted to run away. Maybe her price wouldn’t let her. Mine didn’t.

My Prince Charming turned out to be the villain of my fairy tale.

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.

The sky isn’t the limit in my world, Karissa. There is no limit. You want it? You got it. Whatever it is.

What are you doing?" I whisper, not at all surprised when he doesn't answer my question. He keeps up drawing patterns for a few minutes, nearly lulling me to sleep, before leaning over and pressing a soft kiss between my shoulder blades. He wraps his arms around me, pulling me onto my side toward him, my back flat against his warm chest."I was connecting the dots," he says quietly. "Your freckles are like stars. They tell a story, depending on how you connect them."I smile to myself as he takes my hand, linking our fingers together. "What did they tell you?""They told me you're beautiful," he says. "And I'm a lucky son of a bitch to have you all to myself.

You don't have to be afraid," he says. "I'm not going to hurt you." he whispers, "unless
you want me to.

You may growl, and hiss, and meow, and maybe sometimes you bring out those claws, but I know how to make you purr. I'm the king of the jungle. I'm the predator.