Moonrise (Warriors: The New Prophecy #2)

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Crowpaw,I can hear the voices clearly now, this is for me to do.

Feathertail gazed into the young prey-hunter’s eyes. She knew Brook believed what she was saying, but she couldn’t forget how Stormfur had thought that this cat was his friend. Stormfur didn’t make friends easily—a legacy of being half-Clan, always feeling as if he had more to prove than other warriors, as if he could never fight hard enough or catch enough prey. Feathertail had watched this she-cat win her brother’s trust, but now she had betrayed him, and would probably see him die in a battle with Sharptooth for the sake of her Tribe.

From now on, wherever you walk, I will walk with you. . .

I know my name's Squirrelpaw, but I never thought I'd wish that I WAS a squirrel!

I’m starving!” she announced. “Where’s the prey around here?

I've changed my mind. I don't want to be a squirrel any more. I'd rather be a bird!

Medicine cat' means nothing on its own, without an understanding of what should be done--which isn't always what you first think.

Neither of them is right. And neither of them is wrong. Prophecies are strange things. Their words are never clear.


These mysteries were too much for him; he was a warrior, and all he wanted was to follow the warrior code. But what should he do, when the code did not speak clearly to him?

The Tribe of Endless Hunting has not shown that to me,” Stoneteller replied. “I do not know when the silver cat will come, or from where, but we will know it when he arrives.

Think you have nine lives, do you? I saved you once.... don't make me save you again.

To truly be a medicine cat lies in a cat's heart, and all its five senses. You must be braver than warriors, wiser than a clan leader, humbler than the tiniest kit, more willing to learn than an apprentice...

Twolegs are mad. Even the smallest kit knows that.

Well, I am sure, for we do not achieve this by ourselves, but by the strength of StarClan within us.

Why do Twolegs do anything? If we knew that, our lives would be a lot easier.