Music of the Heart (Runaway Train #1)

A certain song can mean the difference between life and death for someone who is depressed and suicidal. Music can inspire and give hope. It can show adulation and worship and praise love and people.

As a self-respecting dude, I'd never believed in fairy tales, but in that moment, I did. I'd found my angel to live happily-ever-after with.

As I bounced her on my knee, AJ undid the first three buttons on his shirt and ripped off his tie. "I'm ready to dance."
"You've been dancing the entire time we haven't been on stage." I replied.
"No, I mean I really want to dance."
"Ugh," I groaned. "You mean that mexican shit.

Can I spoon you?”
My eyebrows shot up. “Can you what?”
The shadow of a smile fluttered on Jake’s lips. “You really don’t know what that is, do you?”
An embarrassed flush filled my cheeks as I ducked my head. “No,” I murmured.
Jake’s finger came under my chin and tipped my head up to look at him. “It’s okay. I’ll show you.

Do you know there’s an old saying that for every tear you shed for someone else’s grief, it takes one off of their suffering?

Fate has a funny way of intervening in people’s lives.

For every tear you shed for someone else’s grief, it takes one off of their suffering.

Frozen, I stood staring at him like he was a vision or something. His hair was still damp, and a few droplets glistened on his face. When he caught me, warmth burned across my cheeks.
“Were you just ogling me, Angel?”
“No, I wasn’t.”
He chuckled. “I think you were.”
I whirled around and swept my hands to my hips. “Fine I was ogling you. Happy now?”
“Actually I am. I like it when you look at me like you want me. Like you think I’m… handsome.”
My brows rose in surprise. “Handsome? That doesn’t sound like the way you would describe yourself.”
With a grin, he asked, “And just how would I describe myself?”
“Hmm, sexy, hot as hell, and panty melting?” I challenged as I handed him a Coke.
“Yeah, you’re right. Those really describe me better.

He Apologized and he's watching Tangled. I think Abby brainwashed him while we were gone,

I barely know how to be with someone when I’m whole. How the hell am I supposed to be with you when I’m so fucking broken?

I clenched my jaw with determination. “It won’t work, Angel. I have to sing about love, relationships, and sex. You know, bullshit like that. A song about my fucking heart being ripped to shreds because my mother is dying isn’t going to make an album, least of all a single.

I know all about the missionary position, Angel. In fact, I believe I was trying to acquaint you with it earlier when you cock blocked me.

It was the way your sweet, soft hands wiped away my tears, and the way your body just curved into mine when you let me hold you. It all made me feel, for just an instant, that everything really was going to be all right. No one has ever comforted me like that…except my mom.” What the fuck? Did I just say all that out loud? I shook my head furiously from side to side as the room started spinning me like a Tilt-a-Whirl at the county fair back home.
Abby grabbed my shoulders to steady me. I blinked my eyes trying to focus on her blurry, but beautiful image. “Most of all, it’s that I want someone like you to want me—just for me, not for Jake Slater the singer of Runaway Train.” I smacked my hand hard against my chest. “For what’s really inside me.

I've fallen for you, Jake.

Just remember that forgiveness is so much easier than regret.

Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.” ~Alphonse de Lamartine

So in the future when there are times you want to strangle Jacob or he’s tested your love, just remember that forgiveness is so much easier than regret.

Thank you—for all your compliments about the general badassery of my family’s DNA.

Well, believe it Angel because it's the truth. You're all I want or need at the moment.

Well, I’ve only managed to do the drummer and the bassist so far, but I’m thinking I could get a threesome going and knock out the others. Maybe I’ll gangbang with the roadies when we stop for dinner!

When I started to my roost, Jake grabbed my arm, pulling me against him. “Sleep with me,” he whispered in my ear.
I jerked away, ready to launch into a tirade for him playing on my emotions to put the moves on me when the tormented expression on his face stopped me cold.
He stared pleadingly into my eyes. “I’m still so fucking scared, Angel. I need someone just to hold tonight so I won’t be alone.

You know how much I love you , Jacob?
As High as the Sky , Mama!
That's right, sweet boy

You make me think things... feel things I never have before .

You really have the nerve to stand there and ask me that?” When he didn’t respond, I practically growled as I took a step towards him. “You blow so hot and cold with me that I’m not sure which way is up. It’s a wonder I don’t need a chiropractor from your emotional whiplash. One minute you’re telling me you want a girl like me to be interested in you and the next you’re coyly asking how I feel about Garrett.” Finally toe to toe, I glared up at him. “You’re really good at charming the panties off girls at ten paces, but you can’t even tell a girl how you really feel when she’s up close and personal!

You're impossible"

"And you're everything I could ever want.