Play (Stage Dive #2)

C’mon, Anne. We must defend our fake sex life.

Hands down, that’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard. I can pretty much feel my legs just falling wide open for you right now.

Hello, Anne’s clitoris. It’s me, Malcolm, your lord and master.

Hello, Anne’s clitoris. It’s me, Malcolm, your lord and master.”

“Oh, god, no.” I covered my face with my hands. “Please don’t.”

“Shh. This is a private conversation.” He brushed hot, feverish kisses up and down the lips of my sex. My stomach tensed so hard it hurt. “Look at you all pretty, pink, and excited. Don’t worry, I’ll look after you.

How about her?” Ben pointed to a sleek blonde who smiled and preened in response. “I bet she’d like to meet you.” “Ooh, she’s shiny.” “Why don’t you go ask her what her name is?” suggested Ben, patting him on the back. “Do I need to know her name?” “I’ve heard it helps.” “Maybe for you,” Mal scoffed. “I just call out my own name during sex.

I’ll sleep with Anne.”
“No, you won’t.”
“Yes, I will.” He raised a hand high. “For I am, Malcolm, Lord of the Sex!

I need a kiss.”
“Do you, now? Then you’re in luck. For you, I have an endless supply.

I started getting Mal's texts just before lunch.
Mal: Awake
Anne: Morning
Mal: Going for a run with Jim
Anne: Have fun!
Mal: Back from run having lunch
Mal:Your taste in music sucks
Anne: Thanks
Mal: Seriously, we need to talk it's that bad. Everything apart from Stage Dive needs to go.
Anne: Wait. What are you doing?
Mal:Fixing it.
Anne: Mal, WTH are you doing?
Mal: Making you new playlist wih decent shit. Relay
Anne: K Thanks
Mal: Bored again
Mal: Ben's coming over to play Halo
Anne: Great! But you don't have to tell me everything you do, Mal
Mal: Davie says communication's important
Mal: When are you on the rag? Davie said to find out if you want cupcakes or ice cream
Anne: I want to not talk about this ever
Mal: Bored. Ben's late
Mal: Let's get a dog
Anne: Apartment has no pets rule
Mal: Nice green lace bra
Anne: Get out of my drawers, Mal.
Mal: Matching panties?
Mal: :)
Mal: sext me
Mal: Some on it'll be funny
Mal: Plz?
Mal: High level of unhealthy codependency traits exhibited by both parties relationship possibly bordeing on toxic
Anne: WTF?
Mal: Did magazine quiz. We need help- Especially you
Mal: Booking us couples counseling. Tues 4:15 alright?
Anne: We are not going to counseling.
Mal: What's wrong? Don't you love me anymore?
Anne: Turning phone off now.

I thought that one was going to hit me,” I said, watching the disappointed girl stalk off into the crowd. “Being your girlfriend is dangerous.”
“What can I say? I’m a magnificent specimen of manhood. Of course they all want me. But I do appreciate you protecting my honor.

It is. I’m your boyfriend now, which
means there’s no room for your hipster admirer. He’ll just have to lick his wounds while we lick other things.

It’s fate, Anne. Written in the stars. Leave it the fuck alone.

Life’s a song, Anne. Let’s play.

Oh, yeah. You're the best," I grinned back at him.

"Pumpkin, hello. Of course I am!

Pumpkin, I’m always serious when it comes to you. Even when I’m messing around, I’m still serious as shit. Whatever you need, whatever I have to do. It’s been that way since we met. Haven’t you noticed yet? We’re fucking destined or something. I can’t help myself. It’s pathetic, really.

Pumpkin, stop rubbing your ass against me. We gotta go! I don’t have time to do you now. Prioritize, woman.

Soooo.” Mal smacked a kiss on the top of my head. “You weren’t just a little into me. You’re my biggest fan. You love me.”
“I don’t love you.”
“You totally love me.” He gave me a squeeze. “I’m your everything. You’d be lost without me.

Sounds great. Let me grab a quick shower.” “Good idea. I’ll wash your back,” he said, following me into the living room. “Why don’t you keep Lizzy company?” “Why don’t I keep you company?” His voice dropped in volume. “I could clean that special place for you with my tongue. Promise I’ll do a good job.

Stick your dick in’?” I asked, my brows probably touching. “Did you actually just say that?”

“Make love. I meant make love … of course. I would never just stick my dick in you. I would make mad, passionate love to this sweet, sweet body of yours for days, no, weeks. It would be beautiful, pumpkin. There’d be little angels, and birdies, and you know … all just hanging around, watching. Perverts.

They’re mocking us,” I said. “Nonsense. We just fucked so hard we broke your bed. They wish they were us. The natural order of sexual status has been restored.

Was there anything more wonderful than sending someone home with a book you loved? No, there was not.

We’ve broken my bed,” I said, stating the obvious.
“In battle, sacrifices must be made, pumpkin.

What do I taste like?”
“Well, like honey and cream and … I dunno, bread?”
I scrunched up my nose. “Bread?”
“Yes. Sexy bread that I could eat all the time because you are so delicious and full of wholegrain goodness.

Whatever you’re imagining, it’s bigger.” “I’m not imagining anything.” “I’m serious. It’s basically a monster. I cannot control it.” “Malcolm–” “You’re pretty much going to need a whip and chair to tame it, Anne.

What’s under here?” He toyed with the hem of my shirt.
“You’ve forgotten already?”
He dragged my T-shirt over my head and tossed it aside. “Oh, breasts. Best present ever. Thanks, pumpkin.

You call her pumpkin?” My sister’s voice was filled with awe. “Does she actually answer?”

“Well, she pretends to hate it. But secretly, I know she loves it. Her face goes all soft and everything.

You can be confused later. But come on my face now, please?

You know, I honestly can’t decide if your ego is repulsive or just impressive.

You read too many books.” “No such thing!” I cried, aghast.

You’re beautiful, Anne’s pussy. Just beautiful. And I’m not mean like her. I’m on your side and I love you very much because you feel fucking amazing wrapped around my dick.

You’re my girl. You gotta know that.