Reaver (Lords of Deliverance #5)

All she'd ever wanted was to be good, so it was ironic that in order to do good, she'd had to become bad. She'd had to make everyone she cared about hate her. She'd had to lose everything, from her self-respect to her wings to her dreams of having friends and a family with Yenrieth, the only person she'd ever loved.

Fine,” he said. “You’re right. We’re not normal. We’re the most fucked-up, star-crossed lovers in history. So let’s not play nice.

Fortunately, all three assassins turned out to be excellent fighters. Tavin’s ability to explode eyeballs with a touch was especially impressive. It had definitely come in handy against a ten-foottall demon with butcher-knife-sized teeth and two dozen eyes.
Pop! Pop! Pop! Eyes everywhere. Some powers were meant for fun.

Good luck, man." Wraith clapped him on the shoulder. "For an angel, you don't suck."
"Ditto. For a demon....well, you do suck."
"Because I'm half vampire?"
"Sure," Reaver said. "Let's go with that.

Harvester cocked a dark eyebrow. 'I swore an oath to watch over you. Not to put up with your shit. I'm not evil anymore, but I'm still not nice. Keep that in mind.

Harvester might have a halo, but dear, sweet Lord, she was no angel in the sack.

Harvester’s heart soared. Reaver had offered to castrate an archangel for her. How sweet was that?

He wouldn’t take anything from her ever again. But from this point on, he’d give her whatever she wanted. Which was easy, because what she wanted right now was an orgasm.

I’ll always be here for you. I’ll wait as long as it takes.” He locked his eyes with her. “You were always the one.

In three strides Reaver was on her, his mouth crushing hers. “No more bullshit,” he said against her lips. “I want you. I think I’ve always wanted you.

I suggested that someone grab Bill Gates and get him to install a new operating system, but apparently he's not a demon" At Reaver's eye roll she nodded. "Right? I was surprised too.

Reaver was about to go where angels feared to tread. He supposed that really did make him a—

“Fucking idiot.”

Reaver stared at Eidolon. “I was going to go with ‘fool.’ Also, only a fucking idiot would call an angel a fucking idiot."

The demon doctor stared back, his dark eyes glittering with gold flecks. “A fool would merely consider entering hell without a plan. Only a fucking idiot would be serious about waltzing into the Prince of Evil’s living room in the very center of hell to kidnap Satan’s little girl. Without a plan.”

“I have a plan,” he muttered.

Eidolon parked a tray of surgical tools next to the exam table Reaver was sitting on. “And your plan is?”

“Ah…it mostly involves sneaking in and sneaking out.

So," he said, "you really think having archangels string you up by your halo is worth saving this Harvester chick?"
"She saved the world"
Wraith shrugged. "So did I, but I don't see you offering up your holy ass to save me."
"Are you suffering unspeakable horrors at the hands of Satan?"
"No," Wraith said, "but sometimes I have to eat the hospital cafeteria food.

That's my girl," he murmured.

"I'm not your girl."

"Well," he said not bothering to hide his smile from her sightless eyes, "the good news is that the honey gave you back your sparkling personality."

"And the bad news?"

"The honey gave you back your sparkling personality.

Wraith shoved his hands in his jeans' pockets. "How long before we consider you overdue and mount a rescue party?"
"Never." Reaver shrugged into his shirt. "If I don't come back, it is because I'm either dead or in a situation that's too dangerous to get me out of."
"Oh," Sin said brightly-and sarcastically. "You mean like the situation Harvester is in."
Seminus demons were annoying no matter what gender. "Yes. Like that."
She punched him lightly in the shoulder. "Good. Glad we're clear. Try to come back soon or we'll come after you.

You'll let me put a total stranger's piss hose in my mouth while my knees scream in agony on the hard floor? Right here in from of everyone? Gosh, such a hard thing to pass up. But you know, I'd rather eat Ebola pudding than let your sad little dick near me." She wiggled her fingers as she slipped past him. "Toodles" Oh, he needed to tap that.

You’re a pure, holy angel of goodness, and I’m Satan’s evil whore of a daughter. So yeah, we can’t work. Thanks for pointing that out, Captain Obvious. But we can fuck.