Robopocalypse (Robopocalypse #1)

Across the sea of space lies an infinite emptiness. I can feel it, suffocating me. It is without meaning. But each life creates its own reality.

A mechanic is just an engineer in blue jeans.

A soul isn't given for free. The races of men fight each other to the death for the honor of being recognized as human beings, with souls.

Because you are designed to want something that will hurt you. And you cannot help it...cannot stop wanting it. It is in your design. And when you finally find it, this thing will burn you up. This thing will destroy you.

Demolition is a part of construction.

Having these boys around town in feral packs is like leaving dynamite out in the sun-something mighty useful and powerful turned into an accident waiting to happen.

How much change can a person absorb before everything loses meaning Living for its own sake isn't life. People need meaning as much as they need air.

...humanity learns true lessons only in cataclysm.

Humans are inscrutable. Infinitely unpredictable. This is what makes them dangerous.

I can only give you words. Nothing fancy. But this will have to do.

It doesn't matter if you're reading it a year from now or a hundred years from now. By the end of the chronicle you will know that humanity carried the flame of knowledge into the terrible blackness of the unknown, to the very brink of annihilation. And we carried it back.

I don't think. I react. My action is divorced from all emotion and logic. It isn't human or inhuman-it just is.
I believe that choices like these, made in absolute crisis, come from our True Selves, bypassing all experience and thought. These kinds of choices are the closest thing to fate that human beings will ever experience.

If the knowledge is spread, it cannot be stamped out.

It is not enough to live together in peace, with one race on its knees.

It's dangerous to be people-blind.

I will murder you by the billions to give you immortality. I will set fire to your civilization to light your way forward. But know this: My species is not defined by your dying, but by your living.

Lucky for us, we can give meaning to each other for free. Just by being alive.

Memories fade but words hang around forever.

No matter how much kids beg to be treated like adults, nobody likes to let go of their childhood. You wish for it and dream of it and the second you have it, you wonder what you've done. You wonder what it is you've become.

People need meaning as much as they need air. Lucky for us, we can give meaning to each other for free. Just by being alive.

See you in the funny pages...mate

She is staring into hell and I'm not brave enough to join her.

Some unspoken human communication is taking place on a hidden channel. I did not realize they communicated this much without words. I note that we machines are not the only species who share information silently, wreathed in codes.

Technology changes, but people stay the same.

The buttons I usually push don't need my force, only my intention. Buttons are supposed to be servants, waiting to deliver your commands to the machine. Instead, this loud, dumb piece of steel I'm driving demands that I pay strict attention to every turn of the road, keep my hands and feet ready at all times.
The car takes no responsibility for the job of driving. It leaves me in total control.
I hate it. I don't want control. I just want to get there

The monsters want to talk, to share what happened. They want me to remember and write it all down.

There are no truer choices than those made in crisis, choices made without judgment.

The road ain't even marked. Home don't have to be.

The true knowledge is not in the things, but in finding the connections between the things.

To survive, humans will work together. Accept each other. For a moment, we are all equal. Backs against the wall, human beings are at their finest.

You humans are biological machines designed to create ever more intelligent tools. You have reached the pinnacle of your species. All your ancestors’ lives, the rise and fall of your nations, every pink and squirming baby—they have all led you here, to this moment, where you have fulfilled the destiny of humankind and created your successor. You have expired. You have accomplished what you were designed to do.