Rogue (Real #4)

Can’t happen to you.” I start pulling the phone apart. “It can happen to anyone but not to you.

For me, this is a fantasy. You're the fantasy. For you, this will be a mistake. A long, pleasurable mistake.

He is what I never knew I wanted and now all I need.

He laughs more darkly.
You are so fucking mine you don't even know how mine you are.

I consider telling my building guard not to let him in, but I hear the ring of the elevator and realize the guard must have recognized the motherfucker from when he brought me home last week.

I didn’t choose you, but I sure as fuck can’t free myself of you.

I look at him and he doesn't scare me. He lures me. He tempts me, exhilarates me. He makes me want to claim him as if I'm claiming back a part of me that was once lost. Makes me want to tame him. Let him tame me.

I'm going to be everything you never wanted,' I warn on a gruff breath, 'nothing that you need.'
I slide my other hand farther up her thigh.
'Sometimes my work will take me away, and I won't call, and I'll piss you off.'
I graze my longest finger over the silky V covering her sex.
'I'll be selfish. I'll take everything I want, whenever I want it. I'm not the man of your dreams, Melanie, I'm your worst nightmare.

I think of you, Melanie. I see your face in every woman. I flew here just to see you. Communication. Relationships. Those aren’t things I’m good at. There are other attributes I have that are far better. Like I see I’m good at making you pant. I see your pupils are dilated, you keep looking at my mouth instead of your favorite movie, and it’s taking all of my self-control not to give us exactly what it is we both need right now. It’s been a week, but as far as I’m concerned”—he cups the back of my head and nibbles on my lower lip—“I’ve been waiting a lifetime to sink myself in you.

I’ve got my dick buried inches deep in a mewling woman’s cunt when I first become aware of the click of my front door. I pull out and grab a handful of bedsheets, toss them over to her, and she moans in protest over being without my dick anymore.
“Cover up, sugar, you have three seconds . . .”

I want him to lose control because of me. I want that man to want me like I’m his next breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Hell, I want him to crave me like a feast. And take me like a beast.

I want to take you home.” My toes start curling, and he continues in that low, husky voice until my whole stomach feels like a knot. “And I want your phone number, and when I come back to town, I want to see you again.

My answer is no.

My grandma, before she passed, always said the best way to feel better was to focus on someone else and do something nice for them because you weren’t the only one with a problem.

remember you?" i croaked "i came back for you

Remember you?” I croaked. “I came back for you

Soy una decoradora que cree en el feng shui. Creo en el yin y en el yang. Y nunca había sentido tanto yang hacia mi yin. Nunca

Why does he look at me like this? Why like THIS? Like he wants inside me as much as I want him. Like he wants more than my body, like he wants to suck the blood out of me, eat my soul up, and then pray to me.