Second Helpings (Jessica Darling #2)

As much as I don't care about those things, I think it's human nature to not want to feel totally insignificant.

Because I've learned that you can't control what other people are going to think about you. The best you can do in life is not piss yourself off.

But why would it matter? We aren't ... or...uh...weren't ..."
Which is it, Jess? "Aren't" or "weren't"? Present or past tense? Now or then?
"We haven't been talking to each other."
Past imperfect tense. How appropriate.

Call me Mac," he said.
Mackadocious is more like it.
"For the next month, I will be your writing instructor..."
Lip Macking Good.
"It was Alfred, Lord Tennyson, who said, 'Words, like Nature, half reveal and half conceal the Soul within...'"
Big Mac Attack.
"Here, in the next five weeks, I hope you do more revealing than concealing..."
Oh, I'll reveal more than that if you want me to, Mac Daddy.

Crocodile Lies

I confess, yes, our Fall was all my fault
If you kissed my eyes, your lips would taste salt
But you think my regret is a lie, and the tears I cry
Are the crocodile kind.

The sweat on your upper lip starts to boil
White hot with anger, still convinced I'm your foil
You keep fighting me, though my eyes are free
From crocodile lies.

You, yes, you, linger inside my heart
The same you who stopped us before we could start
I didn't want to leave, but you began to believe
Your own crocodile lies.

The only person stopping you is yourself,
You won't accept that I want no one else,
So until you do, I'll let someone else have you

Every day I live the lie,
But not the crocodile kind

--Marcus Flutie

Don't stop doing what you love.
Don't let your future be ruined by a bunch of loony sand monkeys.

Ever notice how people wait until they're not going to see you anymore to say something nice to you?

Every day, I live a lie
But not the crocodile kind.

Fear is the greatest form of oppression.
The best way to rise up in protest is to live your life to
its fullest!

I believe that what we get out of life is what we've set ourselves up to get, so there's no such thing as an inconsequential decision. Our destinies are the culmination of all the choices we've made along the way, which is why it's imperative to listen hard to your inner voice when it speaks up.
Don't let anyone else's noise drown it out.

I had already imagined how it would be next year.
I'd be at Columbia, and Marcus would move to Manhattan, or maybe one of the outer boroughs. I would study hard, and he would make money playing gigs at dingy bars. We'd spend countless hours going to clubs to see bands on the verge, touring obscure art exhibits, and sipping pot after pot of black coffee at hole-in-the-wall cafes. Many more hours would be spent lounging under the covers. We would never run out of witty and fascinating things to say to each other. Eventually, he'd apply to Columbia, and we'd be the sort of well-educated, cosmopolitan couple that confuse the suburbumpkins who never leave Pineville.

I feel better when I am not around people. When I am alone, alone, alone.

I just don't see the point in beating myself up. I think it's more productive to concentrate on being a better person right now than punishing myself for who I was in the past.

I may feel like a social outcast but im not really one. I think im an outcast inasmuch as I want to be left alone by people I cant stand which isn't really the same thing as true social ostracization now is it?


It's so much easier to convince yourself you're madly in love with someone when you know nothing about him.


My thoughts create my world.

Oh, yeah,' she said. 'He likes your brain, J.D., but he ain't attracted to you, which is a cryin' shame, if you don't mind me sayin' so.'
No. How could I mind the truth? It was a cryin' shame, and my tears almost dripped right into my stuffing.

See, my idea of cute comes with an IQ requirement. It's geeky cute. It's Rivers Cuomo, not Justin Timberlake. It's Gideon Yago, not Brian Mcfayden. Jimmy Fallon, yes please! Brad Pitt, no thank you.

Shit happens and its awful but its okay. We deal with it because we havet to.

Then again maybe there's something that I've been doing in the privacy of my own bedroom my whole life that I think is perfectly normal but is actually illegal in thirty-two states.

there’s too much tension in the world… what hope is there in the middle east if you and i can’t make peace.

The tales we tell ourselves about ourselves makes us who we are.

We are perfect in our imperfection.

We’re your friends,” said Bridget.
“And we’re worried about you,”said Pepe.
“I’m fine.” Then I mean to laugh a silly, carefree kind of laugh, but it came out more maniacal than intended. “HAH-hee-hee-hah-hah-HAH!”
Bridget and Pepe exchanged terrified looks.

What is it about him that makes you, like, totally lose your shit?

You gotta take chances in this life or you're already

You. Yes You

You, yes, you, linger inside my heart
The same you who stopped us before we could start.