Shattered Souls (Souls #1)

Alden seems like a very nice boy. The kind of boy I'd like to see you hanging out with." I almost laughed out loud. If she only knew! A reincarnated, soul-sharing lunatic. Ghost Boy---every mother's dream.

Alden walked me to the door and we stood outside uncomfortably---like it was the end of a first date. Was letting a host share your body and then chowing down on Chinese takeout a date? He was waiting for me to say good-bye, looking as nervous as I felt. Should I shake his hand or kiss him good night on the cheek? Maybe I should act like Spook and just lick his face.

Bogeymen or not, I was in love with Alden Thomas, regardless of what name I went by or what demon wanted me dead.

Flattery is nothing but attention without intention.

He rolled me under him to kiss me. It wasn't a gentle kiss like at the beach, or passionate kiss like the one that happened in his room. It was desperate. Desperate and hungry and sad.
A good-bye kiss.

His hair was still wet, and he was in a black long-sleeved T-shirt and tattered blue jeans. His feet were bare. Casual. Comfortable. Gorgeous.

I can just imagine the recruiting poster. 'Ghost whisperers wanted: no experience necessary. Death wish and masochistic tendencies a must.

Hey, Lenzi ... my offer from a century ago still stands. If Alden doesn't treat you right, I'm here for you in any capacity, if you know what I mean.

. . . I love the school uniform. You have great legs."
"Shut up!" I gasped. "I thought you were an old man!"
"Old soul. Young man. Big difference. . .

It was cold outside." Alden said as he pulled the chair out for me. "I thought Race was going to cry like a baby." Race laughed.
"You're the one who was whining about the wind," he teased.
"Being male, Im suprised either one of you had the good sence to come in out of the cold," Maddi said, pouring a tiny paper cup of ketchup on her hamburger.

You need to talk to Alden about your feelings for him, Race said.
"You don't know anything about it. Mind your own business, Race."
You love him. I know. I'm in here. I feel your soul, Rose.

Maddi glared at him. "Thats why your not built like Alden. French fries." Race laughed. "Id love to look like Alden. Hot female speakers would be falling all over themselves to be paired up with me, just like they did whith Alden when Rose...Lenzi was gone. You should've seen it, Lenzi. It was halarious." My insides gave a jealous churn.

Maybe you should mind your own business.'
'You are my business. My job. You are what I do.'
I whipped around to face him. 'Well if I'm your job, your fired. You creep me out.

My throat tightened when I noticed a small tattoo of an origami rose on his upper arm. . .
"Hey, Lenzi," he whispered, barely louder than the surf.
"Rose," I said as our lips met. "My name is Rose.

There's hope until the last second.

This is a little too cozy, don't you think?" I remarked.
"Your absolutely right." He patted the drivers seat, "Come on, Spook. Three's a crowd." The dog jumped up onto the seat.

Wait, Alden. I really don't want to meet your friends dressed like this." "They're your friends too. And you look fantastic. I love the school uniform. You have great legs."
"Shut up!" I gasped. "I thought you were and old man!"
"Old soul. Young man. Big difference. It's okay, though; we're just friends, remember?

You can stick to your immovable zero-tolerance rules, but I'm going to stick to the motto "There's hope until the last second'!