So Over You

Are you sure you're a girl?"
I shrugged, "Most of the time.

Every time that boy smiles, somewhere a puppy died.

I’d like to make it clear from the start that I am gay, gay,
gay. Like, when I come out of the closet, I’m usually wearing
my sister’s prom dress kind of gay.

I had no business inviting other people’s emotions into my life when I had no idea what to do with my own.

I like people, kind of. I even like boys, mostly. But I was beginning to feel like that stewardess who smiles at you when you get off the plane. Behind the smile you know she really wishes she could trip someone.

I went home that day, and I wrote your name over and over on a piece of paper. I must have written it a hundred times. My mom found the paper a few days later in my sock drawer. She wanted to know why I'd done that..."

I wanted to know why more than anything I'd ever remembered wanting, but a part of me hoped he'd chicken out.

"I told her I liked the way your name made my heart jump.

Just because you took too much for granted before, doesn't mean you can't learn from your mistakes.

Layney Logan, there are two things in this world you don’t need to question. One is gravity.” He tilted my chin to force me to look him in the eye. The sudden intimacy shocked me. “The other is Layney Logan.

Look, I'm a guy. Your ass was touching my groin. Of course I'm going to pop a boner. It's a natural reaction.

My best advice is to be yourself. Unless you’re psychotic, then you might want to try a different tactic.

Repressing is a natural instinct, but it doesn't allow for healing. Coming out of repression can be very similar to reliving the original fear. I'm sure not everyone who needs help gets help they need, and that may not necessarily mean they won't be okay.

Some girls will love you for your intelligence, your spirit, or your smile. Some girls will fall all over themselves if you even make the smallest effort to understand them. Some girls don't care how you act as long as you drive a nice car(And some boys deserve those kind of girls. i'm just sayin'.) Some girls will require a lot more from you than most guys are willing to give. This is the girl you'll need a lot of patience for, because she will lead you down blind paths and up steep hills. The challenge will be staying true to who you are while pursuing this person. She'll wring you out, simultaneously repel and attract you, and question your every intention. She'll be the biggest pain in the asphalt you've ever had. She'll need you to understand what she won't tell you, believe in her when she extends no faith in you, and not give in to her when she wants to roll over you. She'll expect that you'll always be there, even when she avoids you. She'll want lots of independence but want you to need her desperately. She'll expect you to be smart but treat her like she's smarter than you. Hopefully, you'll believe she's worth it in the end.

Some high school boys define themselves by their peers, some by their dreams, and some by their wallets. They are characterized by their family ties, their sense of humor, their cultivated skills, and their natural talent. Some want a girl for a week. Some hope it lasts a lifetime. Some don't even want a girl at all.

Sometimes, talking about our fears can lessen the fear.

The devil was his most dangerous when he wasn't being devilish.

When something bad happens to us, especially when we are young, our brains will sometimes protect us from it until we are strong enough to deal with the issue. It's not uncommon for people to completely black out an experience for years and revisit it only when they feel safe enough to face it.

You'll be really sorry of you try to bypass all the detours. You don't want to get to your destination and not remember anything about the trip.

You look worse today than you did when you had two black
“Why, thank you, Tyler. You always say the sweetest things.