Sweet Addiction (Sweet Addiction #1)

After several missed calls and texts from Joey, I finally turned my phone off and kept it that way the rest of the day.

All of the love I have in me has been yours and it always will be.

And once again, there is silence between us. But this kind of silence, the kind where no words are welcome because just being together, holding each other, is better than anything that could possibly be said. This kind of silence is perfect. And then I pass out from my favorite form of intoxication. Reese Carroll

Are you fucking kidding me?” Joey squeals behind him. “She loves it. I love it. God damn it, Billy.”

Daniels, J. (2014-05-02). Sweet Addiction (Kindle Locations 4606-4607). . Kindle Edition.

I have no fucking clue how I ever survived not waking up to you. And before you say anything, yes, I did try to wake you up to go for a run with me. You were adorably out cold, as usual. Enjoy your day off.
X Reese
P.S. Here's a spare key if you go out today. Keep it.

Hearts are kissing, diamonds are oral, clubs are stimulation using your hands, and spades are massages.

He has officially ruined all other men for me and I am perfectly fine with that.

He's in complete control of every part of me and everything we do together. Fuck feminism. I need Reese more than I need my next breath.

I’m so ridiculously happy in this moment that when I begin to silently cry next to him, I don’t know what to think besides what I’m now willing to admit to myself. I’m crazy in love with this man. I love everything about him. From the tiniest detail like the little lines next to his eyes and the slit that runs down his bottom lip, to the way I can only seem to be able to take a full breath when he’s near me. I love the words he says to me and the look he reserves only for me; even if that look is one that’s a preamble to a Reese style flip out. I love the way I can sense his presence and the way my heart beats in my chest when I finally lock eyes with him. I love him. Just him.

Jesus Christ. It is way too early to talk about dick sizes and which way they curve.". . ."But for the record, he's massive and as straight as you pretended to be in high school.

Jesus, Karma, you are one hateful bitch.

Look after you” by The Fray

No guy should ever put his hands on a girl.

This shit was never casual for me. Never. You've owned me since that fucking wedding.

Well he does. And he lets me tug it when I’m coming.

Well, wouldn’t that be a nice fuck you from karma. Here, Dylan, feast your eyes on this magnificent penis that you can’t even handle.

You invade every thought I have even when they have nothing to do with you. I'm not just in love with you. I'm kind of obsessed.

You make me want different things, things I've never wanted before.