Sweet Surrender (Sweet #1)

Because you're making a habit out of running away from me.

Embrace the pleasure. Reach for it.

Gray, I love you.

Here we

are, a man and a woman, both wanting the

same things, and yet, you aren’t attracted to


I can't let her go. Not when I've finally found her.

I just want to hold you for a while.

I love how you look at me.

I love you, Faith. Lord knows I've tried not to.

I need you, Faith.

...I want a woman completely devoted to me and my needs. In return, I would take care of her and provide for her every need. But I would be in control.

I want you. God, I want you. But only if it's real.

I won't leave her. I can't.

Like I'm all powerful. Like I'm the only man. Like if you ever look at another man like that, I'd kill him.

Like I'm beautiful. Like I'm the only woman who's ever affected you this way. Like in a room full of other women, you'd only see me.

Men love a submissive woman, Damon said simply. Even when they say the don't. There's just something about a beautiful, soft woman looking to them to protect and take care of them that inspires a man to greatness.

One of these days, you're going to quit running every time we get close.

Tell me something Micah, If you found a naked woman tied to your bed what would you think? That I have been a very good boy in a pass life.

There will never be another woman that completes the other half of my soul.

Vulnerability, like he had the power to hurt

her or pleasure her in a way no other man

could. For the first time, he was uncomfortable with the idea of having complete power over her

Women were supposed to be the enigmas, but men? Moody, brooding bastards, the lot of them. A woman with PMS had nothing on a man. Where women might get hormonal once a month, men suffered their own brand of PMS on a daily basis.
- Faith

You love her.

You're adorable when you blush, and you do it so easily.

You want to be dominated.

You were perfect.