Tara Road

By Maeve Binchy; Published In 1998
Genres: Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance
anyway, encouraging her daughter in breaking up another man’s family, having the baby of a married man? Some help and example she must have been to Bernadette if this is the way things turned out. But then Ria realized that it could not have been what that woman wanted for her daughter either. Possibly she had been horrified by it all as Ria would be horrified if her own Annie were to get involved with a middle-aged married man. Possibly the mother hadn’t been told that Danny was married at the start. And had then become suspicious. Suddenly Ria remembered the woman who had telephoned her, the voice demanding to know if she was Mrs. Danny Lynch. This was the woman. Danny had concocted some cock-and-bull story at the time, but had later admitted it. Ria would have done the same if Annie were to be involved with a married man. She would have called the house to check if his wife really existed. To speak to the enemy. This woman probably loved her daughter too. She would have wished for a boyfriend who was young and single. But who could know what a daughter was going to do? Was seeing Bernadette better than not seeing her? She sat in the car biting her lip and wondering. Possibly better. It meant that now there was no more imagining. It had cleared that area of speculation from her mind. It didn’t make it any more bearable that she was so young. Or forgivable. There was a knock on the car window and Ria jumped. For a mad moment she thought Bernadette and her mother were about to confront her. But it was the anxious face of a traffic warden. “You were not even thinking about

He called everyone sweetheart. There was nothing particularly special about it.

He had not known it was possible to love a little human being as he loved Annie.

he must not know how much power he had to move her.

If you had your time all over again....? She was keen to know.

You can't rewrite history. I have no idea what I'd do.

I look placid, you see, that's why people think I'm fine. Inside I worry a lot.

It was quite possible that she had lost the capacity to love and care anymore and that this is how she was going to be for the rest of her life.

Listen to me, Ria. It will be different when you and I have a home. It will be a real home, one that people will want to come running back to.

She put her head down on the table and cried all the tears that she knew she should have cried in the past year and a half. But they weren't ready then, they were now.

them?” Ria hoped that Danny

well. The term “frocky” was used a lot as a derogatory description for women that Eileen and Stephanie thought were dressing just to please male egos. Yet

would want if she were able to speak, Nora