The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf #2)

Ah, spite, the stuff of fairy tales.

[Dad] once told Cooper that the trick to a happy life was to find the person you can't breathe without and marry her.

Go on, you've claimed your thirty pieces of silver, go do something crazy like put gas in that penis replacement you call transportation.

He ground into me. His denim covered OHMYGOD pressing into my hot uncovered.... lady business. I really had to start using grown up words.

How many family conversations are going to be interrupted by me telling you, no, you can't kill someone and make it look like an accident?

I don't care what tomorrow brings, as long as I have you.

I was shameless in my supermarket-shelf mass-market taste. I loved King, Evanovich, Grisham and Brown. I won't lie; the oficial-looking filing cabinet in the corner is actually stuffed full of my paperbacks.

Nick: I love you. Who was wrong?
Maggie: I was wrong.
Nick: Who was right?
Maggie: Don't push it.

Nick: I'm not leaving you. I don't care what you try to do to push me away. I don't care what comes along. I'm here. If you think I'm going to back down now, you're crazy.
Maggie: So you're going to love me out of spite?
Nick: Yes.
Maggie: Ah, spite, the stuff of fairy tales.

She had a knack for relieving the tension in a room by pretending my rudeness away with cooking. Many, many chickens had given up their lives to cover my conversationalist shortcomings.

Well, now I felt horrible. I'd marred perfectly good ass cheeks for no reason. It was as if I'd sneezed on the Mona Lisa.

We should have never encouraged you to speak.

Why would anyone on the crew put on a red shirt? Honestly, it’s like they’re standing in front of their closet, and they’re thinking, ‘Yellow? Blue? Nah, today’s a good day to die.

Yeah, but when has telling someone to do what makes them happy ever resulted in a good decision? Remember when we told cousin Todd to do what made him happy and he came home with recently augmented boobs?

You're pulling a Lassie on me, aren't you?

You're right, it was a bad phone," I said, lifting an eyebrow. "Look at it, lying there, all superior. The phone had it coming.