The Big Picture: 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life

Do your best” means showing up and doing your best without being attached to the outcome. It means reality is not something you can manipulate. “Forget the rest” means you don’t let the same things that used to get in your way, get in your way.

Erasers are your friends on the road to success.

If you live in a chronic state of stress and anxiety, it’s inevitable that depression, fatigue, and a few extra pounds will be your constant companions. Having

If you want to support, provide for, and care for the people around you, you need to be at your best. Otherwise, you’ll just drag them down with you.

It’s the opposite of people who live waiting for life to come to them. Then you’re just a victim or you’re a lottery winner, so I choose to live life with a plan or a goal. I lay out the steps to get there and then assess them constantly. But usually I only get a clear snapshot of my plan when I look in the rearview mirror and see what I did.” - Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler

Excerpt From: Tony Horton. “The Big Picture: 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life.

Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment; full effort is full victory. —MAHATMA GANDHI

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Sucking at something every once in a while is how you achieve greatness in the long run.

The best way to figure out what you need to do is to first figure out what you want to do.

They say that about 3 percent of the people on Earth live in bliss. So what the hell are the other 97 percent doing?

This may sound like a huge task, but it’s not. It’s simply a matter of learning to recognize the things that don’t matter so that you can let them go.

Today, did I do my best and forget the rest?

Too many people hold on too tightly to strategies, thoughts, or activities that don’t work for them anymore. You want to avoid that. Think about it: They. Don’t. Work. If your television broke, would you keep it? If your car died, would you park it in the backyard, fill it with dirt, and use it as a planter? If your phone stopped working, would you just stop calling people? Of course not! If any of these things broke and were no longer of service to you, you would fix them or get new versions of them. If you have an activity, habit, or ritual that’s no longer serving you, why on earth would you keep at it?

your ego is nothing but a mean and cruel deceptive little freak living inside your head that will never bring joy and happiness to your life. What that ego will bring is frustration, depression, manipulation, and fear.

Your limitations may be challenges, but they shouldn’t be excuses.