The Bronze Key (Magisterium #3)

Aaron looks like a con man who got hit with a shrink ray and you look like you're going to Catholic school.

Air all around him, there was air in the water, all elements were one, fire and earth, air and water. All are but one thing, not four, not two, and not three, but one. He

Alex is the one... He's the spy. - Call

All is interrelated, said one. Fire and earth, air and water. All are but one thing, not four, not two, and not three, but one. Where they are not together is only an incomplete piece. A

All this nobility is really nauseating.

Call reached out and grabbed Aaron’s hand. Aaron looked surprised for a second. Then his grip locked with Call’s.
Call wanted to tell his best friend how sorry he was, how this was all his fault because he was Constantine Madden. But Aaron spoke before he got a chance.
“At least we’re going to die together,” Aaron said. Then, unbelievably, he smiled at Call.

Don't forget to smolder!

Don't just yell France! There are a lot of other countries.

Follow that lizard!

Girls love cat calendars.

He wondered if it had occurred to Tamara to ask him to dance, but he knew she would always choose Aaron first. He’d accepted it a long time ago. He didn’t even really mind.

Is something going on?" - Celia
"No!" Aaron and Jasper said at the same time.
"Sure, that's not suspicious or anything.

Like all schools, we are always interested in learning, in research, in pushing the limits of knowledge. But we must balance that with our duty to protect the world, even from ourselves.

Please restrain your commentary on the furniture.

That's what heroes did. They ran straight toward danger and didn't ever give up.

The downside of letting everyone know you're going to be all alone so they can attack you is that everyone knows you'll be all alone so they can attack you.

The human soul is the opposite of chaos, of nothingness. The soul is everything.

Try to think of it as the end scene in Star Wars where everyone cheers and Princess Leia puts medals on Han and Luke.” Call

You could totally like Tamara -" - Jasper
"What does it matter?" Call exploded... "Don't you get it? It doesn't matter. She'll always like Aaron better."
Jasper's eyes widened. "Whoa," he said. "Looks like I hit on an awkward truth here.

You're mixing your metaphors. It gives me a headache.

You think a lizard is trying to kill me? And he faked a note from Celia? - Call