The Dark Divine (The Dark Divine #1)

As terrible as the truth was, there was something restful about it.

Blood fills my mouth. Fire sears my veins. I choke back a howl. The silver knife slips--the
choice is mine.
I am death or life. I am salvation or destruction. Angel or demon.
I am grace.
I plunge in the knife.
This is my sacrifice--
I am the monster.

But why is it so hard to forgive?' Mrs. Conners asked.

'Pride,' Dad said. 'This person has already wronged you in some way, and now you are the one who has to swallow your pride, give something up, in order to forgive him.

Daniel wiped his greasy hands on his pants. 'Just some kids playing around.'
'With a crowbar?'
'Yeah, they're all the rage these days.

Do you believe in angels? Real ones?'

He strugged. 'I don't think they have feathery wings or anything like that. I think they're people who do good things even if they get nothing out of it. People like your father... and you.

God is the ultimate judge of what is truly in our souls. But we are requiered to forgive everyone.

god only knows the the things i did to try to numb you out of my brain

How could I help Daniel find his way, without losing mine?

I almost laughed in spite of my nerves. What were the odds that two werewolves had the hots for
me? Like I was some gigantic monster magnet. Was there a sign on my back that said, bite me,
i'm available !?

I was about to ask about it when Daniel flopped down on the mattress. He pulled off his shoes and went for the zipper of his jumpsuit. A flash of panic went through my body. I turned my head and lowered my gaze.
"Don't worry prescious," Daniel said "I'm not going to violate your virgin eyes.

I will be the monster for you.

Jude was good. But he let his fear and jealousy get to him." Daniel shrugged. "'Fear leads to
anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to the dark side.

Kiss me."
"What? Give it back."
"Kiss me and I'll give it back.

My inner wolf seeks to destroy the one I love for reasons of self-preservation. For the only cure to free my soul is to be killed, in an act of true love, by the one who loves me most..

No one should have the right to ask you to keep promiseespecially if they don't consider all the facts.

Remember Grace, if you let anger into your heart, it will push out your ability to love.

Some people are desperate because they don't know how to ask for His grace.

That's what makes it so right. Your eyes—your soul is there, but the rest of you is still so undefined. That's the beauty of childhood. The eyes show everything you've seen so far, but the rest of you is still so open to possibility, to whatever you might become.

The problem with promises is that once you've made one, it's bound to be broken. It's like an
unspoken cosmic rule.

The problem with promises is that you've made one, it's bound to be broken.

There are a lot of bad things out there. Things the Hounds of Heaven were
created to destroy." He trailed his finger down the side of my face. "I can't be the hero you want
me to be--at least not in that way. But you can, Grace. You don't have to become one of the dark
ones. You can fight it. You can turn this curse into a blessing. You can become the hero. You
can become truly divine.

We don't forgive people because they deserve it. We forgive them because they need it—because we need it.

We don't forgive people because they deserve it. We forgive them because they need itwe need it.

What can you do how much can you give to bring grace and salvation unto even one soul

Y eso es lo que lo hace tan perfecto: tus ojos. Tu alma esta ahí pero el resto de ti permanece indefinido esa es la belleza de la infancia. Los ojos muestran todo lo que has visto hasta el momento pero el resto de ti sigue abierto a diversas posibilidades todavia no se sabe en que te convertiras

You hated me that much?'

'No.' I grabbed a branch and pulled myself up, my back still to him. 'I missed you that much.

You know I can't do that. Pete's probably already spent a ton of money. He's a nice guy. I can't
just bail--"
Pete's not as nice as you think," Daniel grumbled.
I laughed. "Are you jealous? Pete's just a friend--"
Daniel grabbed me by the hips. "Of course I'm jealous, Gracie. You just told me that you love me
but you are going out with another guy. But this is more important than my jealousy. If I'm
staying here, then you have to stay in. I've got enough to keep my eye on. I can't have you out
there. Not tonight.

You know some religious scholars believe that when faced with overwhelming temptation you should commit a small sin just to relieve the pressure a bit.

You really are one of a kind. I mean, it's not every day my girlfriend offers to kill me.

You should get out of here. Have a good life.