The Demon's Possession (Shadow Quest #1)

At his booming voice, her eyes flew open. If he wasn't already on the ground, he would have fallen to his knees. Sebastian was instantly lost. The ship fell away and there was only her. The blue of her eyes was indescribable, so light they unabashedly pulled him in. No color imaginable compared. Her eyes turned pleading. For what? He didn't know. But at that moment he would have given it to her.

Cale! Have you had a female in here?”

Calic laughed carelessly. “Depends on when you're referring to.

Calic!" a male voice shouted.
Analia jumped at the sound. She peeked to see the guard's attention diverted to something inside the other ship.
"What?" the blond guard snapped.
"The last load is stuck!" the other voice yelled. "We can't get it through the doorway! It won't fit!"
"It helps if you're smarter than the door," the blond guard muttered before yelling back, "We got it in there, didn't we?

His appearance projected danger and reinforced the common knowledge that one did not want to piss off a demon, especially this one.

It wasn't till Sebastian began to stalk toward her that she recalled her situation. She was wet and half naked, alone in a room with a strong brutish male of unknown intentions

It wasn't till Sebastian began to stalk toward her that she recalled her situation. She was wet and half naked, alone in a room with a strong brutish male of unknown intentions.

Just as before, Cale moved swiftly into his next hold. His arm shot out like a whip, giving her no time to react. Powerful hands wrapped around her small throat, and he squeezed with a gentle pressure, enough to be uncomfortable, but not enough to really hurt her. He meant to prove a point, but Analia knew this hold well, had been on the receiving end of it many times. This was a hold that could easily render her unconscious. She kept steady, oddly feeling safe even though her pulse spiked wildly.
‘How should you counter?’ Cale asked.
‘I could kick you in your bollocks.’
He smiled at her candor. ‘Aye, you could, but a man of any brains would expect a move like that in this position. A better move would be to raise your arm up and bring your elbow down across my arms. If you learn to do it right, you will break my hold, and will be able to get yourself in a more suitable position for a counterattack. Then you go for the bollocks.’”

-Cale & Analia

Know this. If you're here to hurt my ship, or my crew, I will make sure you truly do know suffering.”
Cale from Demon Possession

She hoped he could move on one day and find happiness. He had the luxury to try. She hoped he would succeed.

Be happy for the both of us.

As it was, she would never forget him. The memory of their time together she will cherish always, even as it eats away at her sanity.

She still thought Sebastian planned to leave her. She had no idea he was contemplating keeping her forever."
Sebastian from Demon Possession

Sighing, he settled into his chair, watching the vision of space at his front. It was stoic, calm, and never ending—deadly, if you weren't careful.

Space was a hostile environment that required a sharp and cunning mind over prestige any day. That, and a shit load of weapons.

This beautiful, perfect in every way, eternal creature was finally about to be his forever. The smile that crept onto his lips felt unreal, like he'd stolen something that should never have belonged to him, but had come to be his most treasured possession.

Usually a quarrel between Cale and Sonya would amuse Sebastian, but today it barely registered. His constant attention was on Anya. She was laughing and enjoying herself with another male, and that bothered him more than it should.
~Sebastian from Demon Possession

What did you do?” “Nothing. We're just playing a game, she and I, and I'm winning.

When she's in the same room as you, she commands your full attention.” “Is it that obvious?” “It couldn't have been more obvious if you had painted this is my mate on your forehead with an arrow pointing to Anya.

When they would spar, Calic held nothing back, as if he possessed a deep rage clawing for release. He demonstrated a ferocity Sebastian had never seen the likes of. Sebastian had the same rage bubbling inside him. However, he was able to hone it differently by focusing on the survival of his crew

Women have their own way of comforting each other, and their tactics seemed to elude male kind.

You don't have to walk with me. I know the way now." Her voice seemed empty, but he knew there must be a storm of feelings brewing inside her. "Maybe I'd like to walk with you." Laughing without humor she replied, "I think you want to make sure I don't blubber all over myself on the way there." Sebastian didn't respond. "I'm fine now." "I don't think you are. I think you're on the Edge." She whipped around, coming to an abrupt stop. "Why do you care? I don't understand you! Why don't you just leave me alone?" Sebastian didn't know what to say. He himself couldn't understand why he felt such a pull toward her. He was constantly trying to keep his distance, trying not to care. He didn't care. Did he? For a moment, as she looked at him expectantly, Sebastian pondered how best to respond. He decided to go with the truth. "I feel...protective of you. I shouldn't, but I do. I just want you to be safe. Happy." He paused. "And I want to find the person who hurt you, and rip out his god**** throat.

You should stay and keep me company, so I don't get lonely.”

“You don't seem like the type of guy who gets lonely.”

“Is that a compliment or an insult?”

Analia only shrugged.