The Hallowed Ones (The Hallowed Ones #1)

For me, that was love. Tangible. Love was what was in front of me, not a distant fantasy.

God cannot be with everyone. Not everyone is right.

God smiles on those who quietly do his dirty work, my girl.

His eyes widened. "You didn't go back to town, did you?"
"No. I went to church."
"Ah, well. That explains it," he blurted. "I mean...well...Two hours of sermons is enough to dim anyone's sparkle.

I began to murmur the Lord's Prayer in thanks.
"Shit," Mrs. Parsall said.

I could barely breathe as I fled down the steps, like something was stuck in my throat. I couldn't tell what flavor it was; it tasted salty like tears, but it was sharp as broken glass.

I ran my fingers over the black ink. "They're holy to you."
Alex flexed his fingers. "They are now.

I slipped outside...and into the realm of the ravens.

I think I’d rather be branded than submit to some of the things that you have to.” He said this without spite, just a soft statement of fact. “I’m not strong enough to do that.

I wanted the syrupy taste of this small rebellion. And this stupid machine was denying that bit of freedom to me . . . just like everyone else.

I was afraid to be Outside alone, without Elijah. But, no matter what, I would have to get used to his absence. I would have to prove to him and to myself that I could.

I was a hypocrite. When the roof came down, it was going to fall on me first.

I wasn't threatened by fantasy.

Maybe now that Elijah was feeling well enough to be interfering in my business, he'd also be well enough to look after his own chores.

Men are essentially useless for the difficult things in life. For births and deaths, one clearheaded woman is more useful than a half-dozen men.

Shoulders slumped in defeat, I turned to walk away. The drugstore had caved under the force of my criminal will, but the Coke machine was virtuous. Inviolate.

That night I lay in bed and stared out the window. Night and I were old friends.

The men in black walked back across the field, back to their dry homes, like crows returning to the nest. I trailed behind them, a confused and drenched brown sparrow behind the flock.

There is only one way to a man's heart. Through gentleness. Not by getting angry or jealous.

What did you come for?" he murmured.
"For you.

You have done well, Katie,” Frau Gerlach said. “You would make a fine midwife someday, if you ever wished to learn.”
I cast my eyes down, exhausted and shy and afraid and proud all at once. “All I have managed so far is to be a midwife to the puppies.”
She reached out to pat my cheek with a bloody hand. “God smiles on those who quietly do his dirty work, my girl.