The Kreutzer Sonata and Other Short Stories

All this mental illness of our occurred simply bc we lived immorally. We suffered from our immoral life, to smother our suffering we committed various abnormal acts.
I disliked him, bc I understood that he was a dirty adulterer.

For a long time afterwards, in prison, when moral change took place in me, I thought of that moment, recalled what I could of it, and considered it. I remembered for an instant, before the action I had a terrible consciousness I was killing a defenseless woman, my wife!

For the attainment of blessedness, a law has been given to humanity which it should fulfill. The law is that of the union of mankind.

Fury too, has its laws.

I would not take a young man to a lock-hospital to knock the hankering after women out of him, but into my soul to see the devils that were rending it.

Love or do not love, but do not break a home.
How can ordinary love sanctify marriage?
Pure girl only wants children.

When a human being does not live humanly, it is worse for him or her than for the beast.
Love children humanly.
Our whole life was continually poisoned by fear on the children`s account - fear of their real or imaginary illness.