The Naked God (Night's Dawn #3)

Any sentient entity who has lived, has changed.


Computers aren’t smart, just fast. Garbage in, garbage out.


I’m an appropriate companion personality for a girl your age, young missy. We spent all night ransacking that library to see what I should be like. You got any idea what it’s like watching eight million hours of Disney AVs?

It’s not a god he worships, it’s the devil.

killed fifteen men when I was in combat. Yeah, he was a nurse. Couldn’t read the label on the medicine bottle.


National and regional governments were committing vast resources into combating the biosphere breakdown. Social welfare, infrastructure administration, health care, and security — the fields government used to devote its efforts to — were all slowly being starved of tax money and sold off to private industry. It


Societies only have waste products while acquiring fresh raw material remains a cheaper option than recycling.

This must be the sixth realm, the nameless void. Entropy is the only lord here. We will all bow down before him in the end.

This universe and all it is connected with will come to an end. Entropy carries us towards the inevitable omega point, that is why entropy exists.

Thoale alone knows why suicides are so fond of jumping off cliffs and bridges; they wouldn’t if they knew what that trip’s like.

war is the result of total irrationality combined with conflict of interest.

weapons analysis division,

We’re on Earth, now, remember. You can do anything you want here as long as you’ve got money.