The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog (Hank the Cowdog #1)

Bravery and devotion to duty hath no greater reward than to see the cat get into trouble.

Buzzards don’t make good friends. They always have an interior motive.

by the corrals

Cats are greedy, whereas I merely want all the scraps.

Confession is good for all of us, but even better for you than for me.

Coyotes can’t expect to keep friends when they eat them all the time.

Don’t take anything for granite. That’s what tombstones are made of.

I’m flatulent in many languages.

In my job, nobody ever says a word when you do something right, but make one mistake?

I’ve never been convinced that the sun would come up without me barking.

My idea of being a nice dog stops short of getting murdered for it.

One riot, one cowdog.

The best cure for a broken heart is a dozen eggs.

There’s no better way to mess up a good cowdog than to let him discover that goofing off beats the heck out of hard work.

When I’m alone, I’m in the company of the most interesting dog I know.

When time marches on, it steps on your nose and tail, and leaves boot prints down your back.

When you find a germ of truth, beware. Those germs can make you sick.

When you have nothing to say, one of your alternatives is to keep your trap shut.