Up to Me (The Bad Boys #2)

And you should warn him that if he hurts you, I will scissor kick him in the nuts.  Tell him, okay? You tell him that.  Because I mean it.  I’ll go all kinds of Bruce Lee on his tasty ass.

Damn, that woman is one mighty bitch. I think my balls just now dropped back down.

Do me a favor,” he whispers, curling my fingers over the back of his and bringing them to his mouth. “What?” His eyes never leave mine as he brushes his lips over my knuckles. “Dream of me tonight,” he says softly. He watches me, waiting for a response. I have no words, so I simply nod. He doesn’t need to know that no one else occupies my dreams. No one. “Dream of my lips, teasing you.” Straightening one of my fingers, he kisses the tip. His voice is like velvet and his words are like an aphrodisiac. “Dream of my tongue, tasting you.” His tongue sneaks out to flick the end of my finger. A surge of desire rocks my core. “And I’ll dream of you. Of what it feels like to be inside your warm, wet body.

Do you know how hard it was to let you work tonight? To know that I can’t touch you or kiss you or even watch you?” he pants against my open mouth. “All I could think about was what you look like naked and the little noises you make when I stick my tongue inside you.

Happily ever after doesn’t come easy. But for love, it’s always worth the fight.

Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?”
“You might’ve mentioned it once or twice before,”
“That’s right. I did mention it before. I remember telling you how amazing you are. I think we were in front of a mirror.”
“Does that sound familiar?”
“Um, yeah. That seems vaguely familiar.”
“Vaguely? Maybe I didn’t pound it into you hard enough.”
“Oh, I think you pounded it in plenty hard.”
“Maybe I should’ve taken the time to give you a good tongue-lashing, too, then.”
“Oh, I think the form of communication you used was very effective.”
“So it’s all coming back to you now?”
“Yes, it’s all coming back to me.”
“If you’re lying, I could sweat it out of you, you know.”
“I’m not lying. It’s etched into my memory. Permanently.”
“Maybe we should revisit it, just so you’re clear on everything we discussed. I want to make sure it’s in there. Nice and deep. So you never forget it.”
“I doubt there’s anything you could do to get it in there any deeper.”
“Oh, I can think of one or two things. The only way we’ll know for sure, though, is to try. And I don’t know about you, but I’m committed to this.  Invested. And I’m nothing if not thorough.

He's everywhere. He's on my skin, under my skin, in my heart, in my soul

His words! Damn him and his words! They make me forget that I care about anything.

Holy furry crap balls! He’s gorgeous!

I can't stand the thought of you being anything other than deliriously happy. With me.

I don't hit women. Ever. But Marissa makes me wish that, for about ten seconds, I weighed a hundred pounds less and had tits. Not only is her interruption untimely, now shes' going to screw up the rest of my night, too.

If it was up to me, I’d make the world disappear and it would be just us. Just you and me.

I resist the urge to pump my fist. I’m not sure why, but I feel like I’ve just won some sort of competition worthy of headlines.

It’s me,” he says softly. “Stop listening to everything else. Remember the way you feel when I’m kissing you and touching you. Don’t think with your head. You know me. And when my lips are on yours, you trust me.” As if to make his point, he dips his head and brushes his mouth over mine. Sparks fly between us. As always. “You trust me, when my hands are on your skin.” He runs his palms down my arms and then over to my waist where he pushes them up under the edge of my shirt. Chills break out down my back. “You trust me when you turn your mind off, when you just feel.

It’s only been a few hours and all I can think about is the way you taste, the way you feel wrapped around me. When you’re so hot and so ready. So wet,” he murmurs against my mouth.

Just because he’s not in jail doesn’t mean he’s not guilty; it just means he never got caught.

Mother, stop it!” I shout. She takes a step back as if I’d physically slapped her. “Not all guys that look a certain way or dress a certain way or act a certain way are the same. You’ve tried all my life to drive me toward the kind of guy you wanted me to be with. You made me feel as though there was something wrong with me for liking anyone who rode a motorcycle or drove a muscle car or played in a band. But there was never anything wrong with them, Mom. They just weren’t for me. I wouldn’t have wanted to end up with any of them. Not now. But you don’t see that. You don’t see that now and you didn’t see that then. You could never be like a normal mother, one who holds her daughter when she cries and tells her that one day she’ll find Mr. Right, that one day love will be worth it. That was just beyond you. You had to do your best, at every possible opportunity, to convince me that the only way I’d ever be happy would be with a guy like Lyle, one who is so focused on his job and his money that he doesn’t have time for love. But Mom, if falling in love means risking getting hurt, then I’m okay with that. Because finally, for once, I’ve found someone worth the risk. I wouldn’t have missed out on Cash for the world, Mom. Did it ever occur to you that it took all those heartbreaks, all those tears, all those failed attempts to be able to recognize something real when I found it? Can’t you just be happy for me and leave us in peace?

Never in all my wildest dreams did I take you for a foursome. With triplets, no less!” 

Not all guys that look a certain way or dress a certain way or act a certain way are the same.

No worries. I'm just happy to see your hen house being take care of by such a fabulous cock. She leans in and whispers to me, And it is a fabulous cock am I right? I say nothing, simply grin.

Okay, then I used to like that kind of thing.  Now I like your kind of thing.  It’s the very best kind of thing.  Makes all other kinds of things look like shit.

Promise you’ll never leave me. Stay with me, Olivia. Come home with me tomorrow and stay.”
“I’ll stay with you as long as you want me.”
“I’ll want you with me forever. I never want to spend another night without you. Ever. I can’t stand the thought of something happening to you. I can’t stand the thought of us fighting. I can’t stand the thought of you being anything other than deliriously happy. With me.

She’s coming here?” My voice is unnaturally high in my shock. Gavin grins. “Damn, did someone just punch you in the nuts? What was that?

Somehow, while I wasn't looking, I fell. And I fell hard.

Sweet mother of sex, they’re triplets!

Thanks, Gav. I can always count on you to say things that help me in no way whatsoever.

That look says it all. It makes my butt pucker.” “Makes your butt pucker?” 

The lengths I go to just to get between your legs.

There you are,” she says flinging her arms. “And just as I suspected. I’ve been worrying my ass off and you’ve been having multiple orgasms at the end of a Greek god’s penis. Figures.

You haven't failed me. You've breathed so much life into my existence. Don't ever be sorry for that.