Water and Dreams: An Essay on the Imagination of Matter (The Bachelard Translations)

I was born in a country of brooks and rivers, in a corner of Champagne, called Le Vallage for the great number of its valleys. The most beautiful of its places for me was the hollow of a valley by the side of fresh water, in the shade of willows...My pleasure still is to follow the stream, to walk along its banks in the right direction, in the direction of the flowing water, the water that leads life towards the next village...Dreaming beside the river, I gave my imagination to the water, the green, clear water, the water that makes the meadows green. ...The stream doesn’t have to be ours; the water doesn’t have to be ours. The anonymous water knows all my secrets. And the same memory issues from every spring.

L'eau est vraiment l'élément transitoire. Il est la métamorphose ontologique essentielle entre le feu et la terre

L'individu n'est pas la somme de ses impressions générales, il est la somme de ses impressions singulières.