Without a Doubt

Boys who see their fathers beat their mothers will likely grow up to be men who beat their wives.

But you have to have been on the downside looking up at the face of the law before you realize how thin those defenses really are. Once you’ve been there, you can’t honestly begrudge a defendant any help he can muster. That

By virtue of his celebrity, he would be coddled by worshipful cops, pumped up by star-fucking attorneys, indulged by a spineless judge, and adored by jurors every bit as addled by racial hatred as their counterparts on the Rodney King jury. O. J. Simpson slaughtered two innocent people, and he walked free—right past the most massive and compelling body of physical evidence ever assembled against a criminal defendant. I am not bitter. I am angry.

Denial is sometimes the only comfort you can offer yourself. Because once you let yourself feel, the misery is endless.

Every day, three women are murdered by their male partners.

Every year, 4,744,000 women in the United States are physically assaulted by their partners.

Fuhrman was a big deal only because the defense required a bogeyman to distract the jury from the devastating evidence against their client. Almost

If popular opinion and celebrity and fame and the politically correct view is going to be what really sways the jury, if the jury will disregard the law, disregard the evidence, and everyone expects it to happen, then why bother? Have

I hated myself for being so weak. I seemed to have no real personality of my own. Gaby was the mirror in which I saw myself.

I think what touched me most was a letter sent by a convent of Dominican nuns. This wonderful missive urged courage and fortitude; it was sort of the Dominican version of “Go, girlfriend.

Just as all politics is local, all good history is personal.

Justice, like the will of God, doesn’t always manifest itself on the spur of the moment. It doesn’t always come when you think it should. You just gotta wait it out. And

Misery spreads out from a murder in ripples, blighting everything it touches.

No civil servant takes a window for granted.

people should be able to see our justice system at work, not least because individual cases can bring to light widespread social problems. Media

The cameras in the Simpson courtroom not only encouraged lawyers to preen for the lens and prolong the life of every goddamned motion to increase their time on the air, it reduced a criminal trial to the status of a sporting event.

the next time you hear some CEO on a soapbox complaining about how the Simpson jurors couldn’t cut it, please remind him that you get the justice you pay for. At

This doesn’t mean anything about the real world and the way justice is dispensed. Or the way it should be dispensed. It won’t always be this way. It may never be this way again. Ahead

We lost because American justice is distorted by race. We lost because American justice is corrupted by celebrity.

who, during the months since the criminal verdict, have rewritten history.